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Thread: A bunch of random things and toys for sale

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    A bunch of random things and toys for sale

    I was doing a little cleaning and making room for new stuff and so I'm selling the stuff I don't display or need anymore. Take a look. If you see somthing you like, message me.

    UPDATED 11/25
    Toon Leo
    TMNT Movie Foot Soldier
    TMNT Movie Don

    Reg. Goku
    Reg. Vegeta
    Android 16
    Android 17
    Android 18

    Carded Figures

    TMNT and Beast Wars


    Figures, Acessories, randomness

    Guitar. I gotta wipe off the smudges but it's in great condition cause I never play it lol

    Original artwork

    Signed copy of Beserker #0 (Signed by Milo Ventimiglia and his crew)

    Proof lol

    Voltron, DBZ, AA SE Batarang, Lord of the Rings magnet
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    How much for the lot of DBz figs
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