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Thread: MOTUC Q&A's From Around the Net (11/16/2012)

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    MOTUC Q&A's From Around the Net (11/16/2012)

    After a 20 year (or more) long wait, we could finally see finished "The Powers of Grayskull" 3 mini comics (And it was awesome!!). Are you planning to use benefit of your DC Comics alliance to release a regular comic series expanding the story into a format more suited to the complexity of the saga?

    No. The DC comics are their own cannon and won't be tied in directly to the Classics cannon as told through bios and pack in mini comics.

    Remembering the original vintage P.o.G. mini comic, it was supposed that we would see in it the origins of the Grayskull power and Skeletor's too. In the new one, this was changed to tell the events of the Ultimate Battleground. So, can we assume that in the upcoming mini comics announced "The Origin of He-Man" and "The Origin of Skeletor", will achieve the original mini comics objective?

    For starters, there is only one more mini comic planned right now, The Origin of Skeletor. There is no Origin of He-Man planned. The Origin of Skeletor comic, which was drawn and completed months ago does not cover the origin of the Power of Grayskull. A lot of this has been covered already in the bios. Particularly the TOD Sorceress bio and King Grayskull.

    Is there a new Lord of Avion Stratos after 'death? who is it?

    Yes. Tufos took over after Stratos heroically died during the Second Ultimate Battleground.

    Moving the conflict between He-Man and Skeletor to Primus, what is about Eternia? There are enough villains in Eternia to suppose that peace reigned since then, what happened between the Evil Warriors and Masters while Skeletor and He-Man hadn't returned to Primus? What happened in Etheria? Did someone take Hordak's place? Or Great Rebellion prevailed and Queen Angella reigned?

    Ready for it…

    Keep reading the bios~!

    After Evil-Lyn was stripped off her powers by Teela, she also lost her yellow skin tone, then, which's her original skin tone? The yellow color is because of her magical powers?

    Her yellow skin is her "powered up look". She was born with tan skin.

    Toy Hype USA: Recently it was asked if Castle Grayskull could have elements from the Filmation series. What about elements from other shows such as 200X?

    Toyguru: Likely we will not include as many 200X elements as that Castle was greatly redesigned and we are going to stick to the vintage look for the Classics Castle.

    Toy Hype USA: You stated in the Q/A with that there was a bio for Snake Mountain. Would future playsets and other large items depend on the success of Castle Grayskull?

    Toyguru: Yes.

    Toy Hype USA: Would it be possible for Castle Grayskull to have a space inside to display Castle Grayskullman?

    Toyguru: If you mean a “hidden chamber of defense” that is unlikely. But you can pose CGM or any other 6″ figure anywhere on the Castle.

    Toy Hype USA: Has Mattel been reading fan suggestions about the free gift for Frosta? Such as a small character like Orko and Kowl? The vintage figure came with a comb, would that be a possibility instead of a small character?

    Toyguru: Likely it will not be a newly tool’d item.

    Thomas asks: Toyguru spoke of a EU distribution center after SDCC this year. What is the chances it will be up and running by the end of next year in time for Castle Grayskull, as this will make a massive difference to EU customers considering the pre-order.

    At this time, no plans, We simply do not have enough customers in any one area in the EU to justify this logistically.

    Mike asks: Will DHL be offered as a shipping method for Castle Grayskull? Even if it is added later, could we pick it via the new ‘sub page’?

    No. We won’t be able to offer DHL on the Castle.

    Murdock asks: Will the new Masters of the Universe game eventually be available for Android mobile phones?


    Kastor’s Korner: We know there will be a free gift for Masters of the Universe sub-holders, due to the production error on Frosta, but since she is in the 2012 subscription and the gift will not be available until 2013, will this year’s subscribers who did not sign up for a 2013 sub still receive the gift?

    Mattel: We are actually still reviewing what we can do and when this item will ship. It may happen still in 2012 to close the book on the year and start fresh in 2013. More info to come.

    Kastor’s Korner: If The General’s chest armor were to be included in a future Weapons Pak, would it be more likely to see a recast f the 200x piece, or an all-new sculpt?

    Mattel: The armor was already sculpted and tool’d. It was cut very late in the game when we found out Rattlor was overcost due to all the deco on his arms and legs. We hope to include it down the road with some other item.

    Q: If the Classics line (or part of the line) was ever to go retail again, would you use different packaging similar to how DCIE switched when it went subscription?

    A: Likely yes. We would also likely “plus down” the figures with one head and one accessory to maintain collectability for the original release. But there are no retail plans right now, this is just hypothetical.

    Q: Now that MOTU has a growing modern library of comic material along with the iOS video game, will any of those properties find some influence in MOTUC in the way of heads, pack-ins, or full out characters in the Classics line?

    A: Only time will tell. No plans right now.

    Q: The sticker pack came with 14 Great Rebellion stickers and one solitary Time Agent sticker. Does this mean we will not be getting any future Time Agents? Say it aint so!

    A: Not at all. We added that in specifically because fans were asking for more justification on what the “spade” symbol meant. The sticker is to clarify it is the symbol for the Time Agents and not a “spade” the same was He-Man symbol is the symbol of Power, not an “Iron Cross”. Symbols have different meanings in different cultures after all.

    Q: Since the Rattlor General armor was sculpted, does it include bracers and greaves like the 200x figure had? Or was it just the chest armor?

    A: No, it is only chest armor.

    Q: A Weapons Pak to get things like the Rattlor armor and Strobo gun makes sense. What is the probability we could get something in a pak like the alternate Grizzlor head we once saw?

    A: Extremely unlikely. We don’t have plans for more “200X” inspired face sculpts in the Classics line. Whiplash was a more of a one time event.

    1. You have done figures in filmation style like Queen Marlena, Orko, Adora, Swift Wind. Now there is one character, who had a very special look in filmation: Mantenna. C'mon, you know, you DON'T want to do him in filmation design, do you? Could you imagine NOT doing him in this style? ;-)

    We are very excited about Mantenna and he does have some cool looks that differ between the toy and animated series. How he will be tackled remains to be seen!

    2. Is there a chance for Leech's net to appear in a future weapons pak, but with Netossa's material?

    Not likely. Weapon Paks need to use tools that hold multiple weapons so it is less likely to see the net reappear. But never say never.

    3. Any update on New Adventures He-Man and his accessories?

    Not yet, but we are still hoping to include the Dare helmet and armor. We should know by NYTF.

    4. Many fans are very pleased with the latest weapons pak. Could you imagine tooling more weapons with the figures and then releasing them later in a weapons pak (like Rattlor's armor and Strobo's gun)?

    Rattlor's armor was already tool'd before it got cut due to all of his paint ops putting him over cost. So it is more likely this will be released sone how one day. Other newl'y tool'd items made specific for a pack are based on what tooling is available for us.

    5. There are rumor's about a bigger announcement in february. Can you confirm you will announce a surprise for us?

    Yes, we do have a big surprise for MOTUC fans for NYTF.
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