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Thread: Bow is a very strange character

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    Bow is a very strange character

    Why didn't they make him more "manly"? Bow is a man, he doesn't need a heart symbol on his chest, no real man would wear that... trust me!

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I think Bret "The Hitman" Hart or Shawn Michaels would disagree with you!
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    I actually think Bow is more representative of a real man than most of the other male characters on the She-Ra and He-Man shows. Bow has a variety of interests, cracks jokes (some of which just don't work), and is flawed but good-natured. All the other guys parade around stiffly with these stereotypical "macho man" voices and frankly seem interchangeable. Who cares if he'd got a heart on his chest? His best frenemy happens to be a talking owl thing with rainbow ears! Etheria's got diversity!

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    Haha one of my best buds looks exactly like mustachioed Bow. I always tell him that he needs to be more manly too. haha.

    I think Bow was quite manly even with the heart on his chest. He always stepped up for the fight against the Horde and always helped his friends. He may not have looked very manly, but he acted very manly indeed.

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    A heart and lipstic? It's not the only time that was done check out prince Drake from "Princess Gwenevere and the jewel riders" he wears mascara.
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    Oi...Jesus is depicted with a heart all the time but if He wanted to He could be the most powerful & destructive force in the cosmos. The emblem that Bow sports on his chest piece has nothing to do with his manliness, it has more to do with what he stands for which is also what the Rebellion at it's core also stands for..."love in it's purest form & freedom of spirit"! Well, that's just my 2 cents worth
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel Dan View Post
    I think Bret "The Hitman" Hart or Shawn Michaels would disagree with you!
    Yeah, what he said!

    One of the greatest wrestlers ever.

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    I like Bow. Sure he can be an arrogant fool at times, but he generally means well.

    And Bow is a co-leader of The Great Rebellion against The Evil Horde even though he has no "super powers" or "special abilities".

    Also, he has a flying koala/owl combination as a best friend/worst enemy. How awesome is that?

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    I recently was able to rewatch the whole series and Bow is, hands down, my favorite character in POP. He's a bard-- a singer, musician and teller of tales. He can perform at least street-level magic, slight of hand and illusion-- not to mention he's talented at disguise. He's also a fine archer and excellent horseman-- able to keep up with She-Ra flying on Swiftwind. Bow's bravery is enough for ten men. He is a wonderful character-- and Kowl? Kowl's cynicism is so refreshing in comparison to all the positivity around the Rebel camp. I just love those two.

    As a child I didn't realize that Bow's emblem was a heart until I got his toy. I thought it was a leaf arrowhead considering his archery theme.
    The first one on the top row. It's not barbed, so it's not designed to shred the wound when pulled out. It's a more merciful arrowhead.
    Incomplete version showing the process in making a flint like the one above with a head and flaker.
    A steel arrowhead in a private collection with a heart-motif
    A modern serrated hunting arrowhead with a heart-shape.

    Even as a heart-- I don't see the problem:
    The heart on this charge comes from the Arms of Sir Bernard of Savoy
    Another in an early and late version
    No, a heart could never be a manly symbol of bravery...

    Bow is made of manly awesome and not strange in the slightest.
    Signed by-- ME!

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    I think the idea or concept of Bow is spot on; it's a translation of a previous style now 'Classicized'! Bow was intended for the female market and here they did add some 'chops' to him in this line but kept it true. Idealistically, his character was a nobleman and as we know about this pedigree of character they are usually the last to be of a physical nature, they long to live the lavished lifestyle in the old medieval era. So it's not too off with they way he looks, cause eventually he had to take up arms. IMO he looks a little too buff, as I would've preferred a slightly trimmed Bow too portray this even more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanquest View Post
    Why didn't they make him more "manly"? Bow is a man, he doesn't need a heart symbol on his chest, no real man would wear that... trust me!

    Just my 2 cents.
    He could pull off that look in Japan easily. People don't care what others wear there, you can see a boy dressed like girl and it's ok.
    I personally like his design. He's a real man who's not ashamed to show that he's got a big heart.

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