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Thread: Bow is a very strange character

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobra Kahn View Post
    Joking aside - but do you all think the camp elements of Bow are deliberate?
    Good question. I believe it was an act. We saw him fight the troopers in the tavern with Adam, he was quite fierce. A lot of the MOTU and POP worlds are littered with posers....Orko playing dumb to hide his secret...Madame Razz playing the bumbler to hide some serious power. Yeah, I mean Bow acting campy was a part of his persona to hide his true warrior self and get closer to the ladies. Just my opinion.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanquest View Post
    Why didn't they make him more "manly"? Bow is a man, he doesn't need a heart symbol on his chest, no real man would wear that... trust me!

    Just my 2 cents.
    He could pull off that look in Japan easily. People don't care what others wear there, you can see a boy dressed like girl and it's ok.
    I personally like his design. He's a real man who's not ashamed to show that he's got a big heart.

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