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    The Red Knight episode...

    Just a question about the scene where Imp has told Hordak about the Red Knight at the fair. Hordak refers to him as "the blue knight", Imp corrects him & flies away out of the reach of his fist when Hordak insists that that was what he said. Mantenna & Scorpia are also present during this exchange & Mantenna butts in to argue with Hordak that he had in fact said "blue knight" when Scorpia reaches around Mantenna with her tail to clamp his mouth shut before Hordak went into one of his temper tantrums. Anyway in this part when Scorpia is trying to keep Mantenna's mouth shut, she has some weird scratch mark like things on her thigh. I was wondering if this was just a quirk with the animation or if in fact this scene was drawn this way in the cels. In any case, her thigh looks really weird with those 3 scratch-like marks.

    220.JPG 221.JPG

    Has anyone ever seen the original cels for this scene?
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