It's been waaay to long since I've posted something. Here is my custom Red Gygor based on the unused concept illustration depicted in the Power and Honor Foundation's catalog, that I made for Powercon's customs panel with Joe Amaro, Master English and Hunter Knight (thanks guys for making that possible). As soon as I received my copy of the catalog at the inaugural Powercon, I couldn't put it down. When i flipped to the page with "red gygor" I knew instantly that I had to make him. One of the fun qualities motu has always been the balance of figures, ie: Battle Cat vs Pathor, Stridor vs. Night Stalker, Gygor vs RED GYGOR!

Guns Blazing!

Stand down position

To start, I drew the basic shape of the new armor on the Gygor Buck so I could see how it would all fit. After getting the design settled, I started building up the armor using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and styrene

More styrene and Apoxie

Belly Shield Detail: That's Optikk's sheild center!

Belly Shield Profile

Guns! I gave the gun mounts articulation with Lego Galidor parts covered in rubber ring washers

Ready for paint!