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Thread: Modified MOTUC HeMan & Skeletor Updates

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    Modified MOTUC HeMan & Skeletor Updates

    I just wanted to take time to share these comparisons of how close we can get when using existing parts to get more accurate updates of He-Man and Skeletor for the Classics line.

    Below are two MOTUC figures I have used all existing parts. The ONLY modification done was shaving down the top "peg section" on the Vykron head to fit the HeMan hair.

    Here is Comparison shot of Vintage He-Man and a modified MOTUC Heman...

    Modifications used on MOTUC figure...
    Vykron head, v1 heman hair... [thats it].


    Here is Comparison shot of Vintage Skeletor and a modified MOTUC Skeletor...

    Modifications used on MOTUC figure...
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor full buck body
    v1 Skeletor head, ,loincloth, armor, and accessories

    without any painting done myself, I think the only things that keep it from being 100% accurate now is the diffrence in the purple between Skeletors armor. As for HeMan I think he needs dark brown eyes to more accurately reflect the toys vintage face, and widen the face as it ...seems thin somehow. An I went out of my way to fill the hair to make it larger... Vykron has a VERY thin head... lol.

    ..possibly for use as a SDCC item much later down the line.

    Opinions on what could be done by Mattel to make a 100% accurate toy updates and how best to market them?
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    I don't like the vykron face on he-man the one we got looks better to me and more accurate. also these aren't different enough for me to be interesting. way too subtle.
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    ....yet interesting enough to share your thoughts in this thread

    Very thoughtful stuff you have going on here....I think that "new" He-Man face is much better.
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    I think that it goes a long way to making the Oo-lar version of He-man a different man than the He-man of Adam though. I may have to make this head myself for just that reason alone!
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    For me one of the reasons for not collecting MOTUC was the He-Man figure, I hate the look of his face.
    I think that Vykron face looks much better on He-Man.

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    I was just thinking about this. Thanks for sharing pics. Very interesting comparisons. I do not like the Vykron face for He-Man. Other than the mouth, I don't think it looks more like the vintage face than the standard one we have.

    I definitely do not want it used for "Oo-larr" if and when we ever get him. I'd prefer an all new sculpt.

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    Love the Vykron face for He-Man it.

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