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Thread: Question regarding updating a credit card with Digital River

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    Question regarding updating a credit card with Digital River

    Okay, I just called the 800-Go-Matty number because I wanted to update the credit card on my preorder for the BTTF Hoverboard (the card that I originally ordered it with is still good, but I just wanted to update it to this other card for other reasons.. largely billing cycle related).

    I believe I ended up speaking to someone overseas and not someone in the US. After I have her the new credit card information, she said that this will end up "canceling the existing order and creating a new order with the new credit card information". When she said this I freaked out because I'm scared that I will lose the preorder price and/or the bonus preorder mini hoverboard for 6" figures. Since she hadn't processed the change yet, I insisted that she leave it as is for now.

    Does this sound right to anyone else? I've never really attempted to update the credit card over the phone before with Matty before. Is this the common practice? This just doesn't sound right to me.

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    We already have a couple of threads going in the Classics Forum about Digital River ordering/CC issues - there's a stickied thread there, as well as this one:
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