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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantisaur82 View Post
    He looks great!
    What material you are using for sculpting?
    funny that you ask, because i just found some early work in progress pics i had forgotten about. the base structure is a fiberglass and foamboard called asdale, i got from my work. all sculpting is magic sculpt epoxi clay. this is my first project using it and i gotta say it beats the hell out of baking sculpy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gendou View Post
    Will you be casting it as a solid color to be painted by each owner or coloring the parts their main color during the cast? I ask because I'm super lazy about painting things. That crest you gave me is on the wall but still unpainted, haha
    probably just lazy off white. casting in colors is sometimes difficult to keep it consistant.

    base structure before sculpting

    early sculpture and paint test

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