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Thread: 10 MOC figures/vehicles for sale.

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    Wish I was rich enough just to pay for your kid's college tuition in exchange for your entire collection! So much goodness - thanks for giving the Orgers advance notice!

    Nobody bid on the ones I want!
    QUEEN ANGELLA! - BLAST ATTAK! - Buzzsaw Hordak - Dragstor - Flying Fists He-Man
    Lazer Light He-Man - Lazer Light Skeletor - MULTI-BOT! - NINJOR! - Peekablue
    Perfuma - Rotar - Saurod - SSSQUEEZE! - Terror Claws Skeletor - Twistoid

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    Heheh thanks Chance. Wish some of my older figures were as good condition as these later ones. Not fun selling these guys, but the money makes it a little easier obviously.

    thanks again,

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