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    Craigslist Joe

    If the Internet, school shootings, outrageous shock media, Politicians, the economy, war and the general filth of the world is getting to you and making you lose faith in people, watch this quirky, fun little documentary.

    Craigslist Joe is a film about a man who tries to live for 30 days with nothing more than the clothes on his back, and a laptop/cell phone to communicate with people on craigslist. It was funny, poignant, refreshing, and was a down to earth fun adventure. You get a great little scope into the various lives of people from all over the country, of different age groups, walks of life and
    its got some great moments. Its a real feel good piece.

    I recommend it to anyone and everyone, and I'm sure you patriotic orgers will love it. You can catch it on Netflix, and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions here.
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    Sounds cool. Have you ever seen those stories about people who start with a paper clip and trade up to a Porsche on Craig's List? Nuts.

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