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Thread: Why I'm a She-Nayer, by pH6

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    Why I'm a She-Nayer, by pH6

    This is not intended to hurt anyones feelings, just venting the flipside of the coin, on how I feel. I've seen in my time enough hate-mongering posts of the subject, and I'm somewhat quilty of those myself. But at least I try to be civil and have examined a lot, so I think I do have a case to present. One of the catalytes for posting this (again, the first one was lost in the sands of time years ago) is the fact I've found myself enjoying PoP books lately...and then I watched a few cartoon episodes to remind myself of what makes my teeth grind when I hear the name 'She-Ra'. I wish to emphasize that PoP was not released in Finland in the 80s at all. We had one sentence that mentioned Adora, and a few comic book panels (where She-Ra was an illusion created by Evil-Lyn) and the Christmas Special (which I didn't know about until in the 2000s...and even that lacks She-Ra from both the Finnish AND original title). So, unlike MotU or NA, there is no nostalgy boost which helps to forgive some things in them that kinda 'just are so and have always been'.

    My biggest dislike in the line is She-Ra herself. I can live with soap operish siblings appearing out of nowhere, since I know from personal experience it does happen in real life. But I can't live with the fact that there's plenty of same generation chosen ones. He-Man, as the foretold king of Castle Grayskull, THE most powerful man in the universe, loses very much of the epic feel when there starts appearing more of the same, tapping on the same power source AND in many ways exceeding He-Man's abilities. (With Classics, it's gone even worse. I've lost count to how many swords of He, clones, copies etc. are there!) It's just...I feel like she's stealing the spotlight. One has to remember that one point in my distaste for her, is the fact that for me there never was a She-Ra in the 80s. Ever. And He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, fighting against Evil Warriors, Evil Horde, Snake Men and everything, was still every bit as awesome. I was way over 20 when I first was introduced to the line, and it therefore completely lacks any nostalgia boost many other franchises benefit from simply because they bring back all those wonderful memories.

    The Mattel's official Fashion Dolls approach. And interesting enough, most of the non-Mattel material totally ignores that angle – and also interesting enough, much of that material shows there's potential enough for the franchise to stand on it's own. The need for He-Man in majority of the stories is just as small as is MotUs need for She-Ra, eg. non-existant. MotU had plenty of wonderful action features. In Princess of Power, getting the character to raise both hand simultanously is a lot...without action features, they just aren't action figures. If I'd been a little girl, I most likely would've liked the hairdressing and such. But for a man, majority of accessories being different dresses, combs and brushes or for castle, pretty much the furniture of a doll house...for the most part, they just lack the 'it'. Sorcery may be there, but it certainly lacks the sword. Seriously, with such an amazing arsenal it's no wonder the Horde wiped the floor with Etherians. In Masters of the Universe, much of the appeal of the toys comes from their cool weaponry. Both to wield and to ride.

    Which brings us to...horsie horsie horsie...the army of cloned horsies. Granted, with MotU there are a few equally little articulated beasts. But relatively speaking, not even close to that many! Again, if I was a little girl, I might find them more appealing. But even for a fan of westerns these seriously lack something. Definitely none of them could be described as a war horse, these are more like show pieces. And just why almost everything had to get a hair, including a swan? Would be interesting to know if Butterflyer sold worse than expected because she didn't have something to comb...

    Oh, and when we get to the army of clones...have I seen that face before? Have I seen that torso design before? Have I seen those arms and legs before? Heck, I know MotU reused parts all the time. But at least not ALL the parts ALL the time.

    The troll rip-off will most likely get on this list too. I've only ever seen one once, on unopened card in a closed case. Wasn't impressed, and can't really understand the huge price, regardless of how rare they might be.

    The cartoon...oh boy. Was it Adora who single-handedly conquered Etheria? Because the Evil Horde as seen in the cartoon after the first few episodes seriously couldn't take over a candy from a baby. Voices, oh deary my. Loo-Kee, Mantenna, Leech and Mermista would've benefited a lot from being in constant mute. And just how closely is Hordak related to Mr. Slime Pig? *snort* Tung Lashor is my all time favourite character. He was quite a threat in several comics. But why, of why, is he always made such a fool (ok, in this case to fit in with the Horde obviously) in cartoons? And just why did the wonderful colour scheme had to be replaced with a very strange combination of Rattlor's colours? Tung Lashor is too pink for Princess of Power? Annoying children characters are a Filmation norm, which PoP couldn't avoid either. I've been told it's better written than MotU, but my suspension of disbelief does not stretch enough.

    So there...I could go on in more detail, but I think some of the essential is there. I do not per default hate Princess of Power franchise, it just has these certain flaws in my eyes that can't be helped anymore.

    And, for the fairness, before I get flamed, I've already reposted the other side of the coin earlier.
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