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Thread: Fans of Star Wars Prosthetic hands, CHECK THIS OUT!!!

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    Fans of Star Wars Prosthetic hands, CHECK THIS OUT!!!

    Heya Star Wars Fans!

    I wanted to make this thread and share this AWESOME video that Evil Mike shared with me over on facebook of this incredible prosthetic arm that is being made now.
    I gotta say, if you loved that bit in Star Wars when luke got that cool prosthetic hand, then check this out....

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    That is pretty cool!

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    That is quite impressive. The tech still has some ways to go before it's a full replacement for a working, normal hand(would need a proper nerve hookup and better motors) but it's a massive step above the old pinching hook.

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    Man! We keep getting farther and farther with this stuff. As diosoth says, we're still quite a ways from full use, but this is still very impressive.
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