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Thread: Have you ever seen these weapons?

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    Have you ever seen these weapons?

    Hi there!

    I'm wandering to know something about the toy sword in the picture.

    It's a Mattel's product but I can't find nothing about it...

    It's different from the classic model and more similar to the one of NA He-man v1 doll.

    Because of I've dreamt about it for 23 years (I'm 27) it was a first-sight love and I bought it spending a lot ... but it is my treasure!

    The last and super ironic thing is that the seller's name was ... Adam ...



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    These are New Adventures roleplay weapons with light-up features. I haven't seen these before and I don't have them as a kid back in the '90s especially when the New Adventures of He-Man toyline first debuted.
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    well I have seen both the skeletor staff and the sounds sword, but never the toy looking one you found. That is really neat, nice, and loads better than the other one.

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    Funny to see the Mattel logo on the package cause the He-Man and She-Ra ones are from an other brand: HG Industries.
    Because it is a Mattel product, we never seen it promoted in a old catalog?

    EDIT: Your He-Man Light Up Sword seems to be an European product as you can see at the backcard on the top the "Lion mark" UK logo and also the CE logo.
    Maybe never sold officially on the American market? It could explain the rarity (I seen that this one was sold from an US seller but I personally already found european items from old US stocks, all is possible)

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    These come up for auction now and then . Seem to be no end to he man merchandise

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