I'm trying to focus less on variants and more on unique characters/signature dolls, and extra dolls take up display space. I'm going to sell off a few of the ones that I see as extraneous to my collection.

US buyers preferred. Foreign buyers are at my discretion/dependent on country of destination. Prices do not include postage and are dependent on weight, size and destination. Single diaries can be mailed on their own in an envelope for 50 cents postage


Items I am in need of-

"Scream Uniform" Lagoona swimsuit with surfboard, preferably boxed but as long as it's complete


For sale or trade

DDG Spectra body only- Only accessory is the ponytail band. The hands are from a standard(reissue) Spectra. Good for customs. The stand is not included- $7

DDG Spectra clothing set- dress, chains, shoes, ankle cuffs, earrings, bracelets- $6

Signature Spectra parts lot- all parts are form the reissue version. Pet, brush, purse and diary- $6

Robecca pet and brush, copper backpack- $3

Sweet 1600 Clawdeen shoes- $2

I also have various diaries for $1 each

* Nefera de Nile
* Toralei
* Werecat Twins
* Operetta
* wave 2 Lagoona
* Jackson Jekyll
* Venus McFlytrap
* Spectra
* Robecca
* Abbey
* Rochelle