Hey everyone, so I'm in the market to finish off some of the random collections I've started that won't break the bank like finishing my MOTU collection will, haha. The biggest thing I'm looking to finish off is Battle Beasts, which if you aren't familiar with them were made by Hasbro in the late '80s. They were 1" tall animals with armor and weapons, and they each had a little rubsign on the chest that revealed an element. I have probably 5/8 of the entire collection, but there's still quite a few more that I need, and I'd want the weapons to go with them as well. I'm not picky about the rubsigns; in fact, they can even be missing or not working for all I care as long as the figure and weapon are there and look good on my shelf, haha.

Feel free to message me or send me an email (bmm245 @ gmail . com) along with pictures of what you have along with a rough idea of a price you want for them, and I'll respond as soon as possible. Thanks again!