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Thread: MOTUC figures for sale MOC and Loose

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    MOTUC figures for sale MOC and Loose

    I have the following figures up for sale.
    All are in great shape and complete, unless noted otherwise.
    Shipping costs in the continental 48 states included in prices.

    MOC sealed

    Hurricane Hordak $25
    Cy-Chop $30
    Rattlor $30
    Griffin $40


    Shadow Weaver $80
    Grizzlor $25
    Leech $25
    Catra -sold
    Keldor w/o cape, but with swords from weapons pack $30
    Spikor $25
    Demo-Man missing alcala head - sold
    Frosta w/fixed arms $20
    The Faceless one $25

    PM if interested.
    Thanks for looking.
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