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Thread: 200X/MYP toon Custom MOTUC - The General

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    200X/MYP "Toon" Custom MOTUC - The General

    First off.. a moment of silence for the Draegoman that gave his life for this figure....

    Ok, now on to the coolness...

    I literally "just finished" this custom MOTUC figure and I HAD to post this pic of my most recent custom, I AM LOVING THIS GUY!!! AWESOME LOOKING!!!

    This is a MYP MOTUC translation of "The General" Rattlor, using the direct cartoon colors...

    Figure uses ALL EXISTING PARTS! Only modifications I made were I sanded off the points on the head above the eyes, and the points on the back of the head above the neck.

    I also gave him a Classics version of his toy staff/weapon [not pictured] in the two toned purple as his belt, and a neck extension I had extra [also not pictured].
    I will add in the staff and neck extinsion into the update pic when the armor arrives [200x version & classics].

    [appologies for bad picture quality, my camera sucks at night]

    Image will be updated once my 200X chest armor arrives.
    ...which I am very excited to see painted to match!!!
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