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Thread: Filmation style Adora

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    Filmation style Adora

    I've been trying to upload this particular clip art to my art album in the Fan art section but for some reason it's not working. I go through the motions of uploading, answer all relevant boxes in the upload window box, go to save changes & exit but all that shows up of my upload is the title & the date time of upload. I dunno, maybe I'm doin' somethin' wrong coz I haven't used this upload feature in quite some time.

    Anyhoo...I wanted to share my drawing of Adora holding up her sword to begin the transformation process. I always wanted a large full length picture of Adora in that pose so I just drew it. Lines & colors were done in Paint.NET with a mouse (I have a tablet & pen/stylus but I don't have the space around my pc to keep it permanently set up...I got 3 cats that love to jump up on things & I didn't want the tablet scratched). I do have this uploaded in my DA gallery for anyone wishing to use the uncolored line art

    For the honor of Grayskull.png

    If you'd like to download the original full size version of this you can do so from my DA gallery I have used this picture to make a bookmark for myself too You can see them in this thread
    She-Ra Princess of Power clip art, animated gifs & panoramic screen caps at
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    Very cool Cosmic Falcon, I'm gonna check this out.

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