Hey everyone!

Just wanted to share a few pieces I had commissioned by the fantastic Carlos De Anda!

These are the descriptions that I gave him before he started working:

1) A Man-At-Arms piece - The early mini-comics describe Man-At-Arms as being from a people who are experts of all weapons. You put it in his hand, he'll figure out a way to use it for max-damage. I'd like to see the character portrayed as a true BA soldier of the Eternian wasteland. Punisher meets Mad Max meets Man-At-Arms. No 'stache.

2) A Teela piece - You are extremely gifted with the ability to draw beautiful women. For this piece, I'd like you to portray Teela as beautiful, even smokin' hot, but without being revealing or too 'naughty girl'. The kind of picture I could show my mother-in-law. I'd like to see Teela wailing on a Fender Stratocaster. Big Fender fan, I am.

3) Lastly, a He-Man piece - I'd like to see He-Man kneeling before a Cross, recognizing a power even greater than that of Grayskull.

...And here they are!

$20 USD color commission by ~chachaman on deviantART

Rocking Teela $20 USD commission by ~chachaman on deviantART

He-Man $20 USD color commission by ~chachaman on deviantART

These are definitely going on the wall in the Man-Child Cave!