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Thread: Tally Up Your BF/CM Expenses

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    Tally Up Your BF/CM Expenses

    This was an expensive few days and really wrecked people's credit cards and bank accounts. Let's share each other's pain and tally up how much was spent on the sale. Between Wednesday and today I dropped $265 on my wants including spur of the moment buys that I would not have otherwise considered (Vikor, Faker, Palace guards)

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    $140ish, I wanted to go crazy but I didn't.

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    211.96 for 12 (well 11 but I count Screech too) figs and the Wind Raider. Coolness.

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    $133.06 on six figures.

    I could have saved around $20 if I didn't purchase a majority of my items on Wednesday!!!

    Now to just get Dragon Blaster Skeletor,Thunder Punch He-Man,and the Weapons Rack(since it won't come with Castle Grayskull ) from elsewhere and I'll be DONE Backtracking!

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    Almost $80 or so, 2 orders, one Wednesday for $31, and one today for $47, and I loved the half price shipping, and the extra discount....otherwise would have been a $60 order....that $15's off helped seal the deal on Buzz Off.

    Would have probably been more, but She-Ra sold out....

    Other than that, I don't need any more anything until next month with Granamyr and then done for 2012, and everything before.
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    I spent $136.49 on two separate orders for a total of 7 figures. Overall, it breaks down to $19.50 per figure, with shipping included. I could've saved some more money if I put it all in one order today but I didn't want to take any chances on a couple of figures that went up on Wednesday. In the end, I'm happy with my purchases and now I'm only 6 items away from a complete collection!

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    Total cost of Wednesday and today's orders.


    Around $50 goes to a fellow Orger that will reimburse me. Still, buyers remorse has been setting in. Hopefully some more folks will be buying the parts off me I don't need.

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    I spent $144... Faker/Clawful on Wednesday (wish I'd waited until today), Evil-Lyn/Hordak/Grizzlor/Sorceress, then Webstor, then Leech. That comes to $18 per figure, shipped. Not bad at all.

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    Got 5 figures. Super happy.

    Still need 10 figs, & minimum 3 gaurd packs.

    Gotta be strong, sale ends soon. Don' payment...
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    $40.....Faker and Snout Spout were all I got. Christmas shopping for everyone else wiped me out so King hiss will have to wait!

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    $50... Castle Grayskullman and a Moss Man as a gift
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    Grand total of $259.66. 12 figures and 1 beast.

    Merry Christmas to me.

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    The only thing I bought was an extra TOD Sorceress earlier today (I'm caught up on everything else, and there wasn't anything else that I 'needed' any extras of). The figure was normal price, but the shipping was discounted, so that was a plus. I already have one that I got from anither site, but her helmet is crooked, so I figured I'd gamble on another one. So with tax and shipping, my entire MOUTC/Matty spending during their black friday / cyber monday sales was only about $28.

    ... Now my total BF/CM purchases in general (particularly from Amazon) are another story altogether.

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    $159.49 from three orders. I might have saved more had I combined my last two orders rather than ordering earlier in the day. I also chose UPS over Newlogistics, as I strongly dislike the latter.

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    $18.88 for Trap Jaw. I may not be done. I am arguing with myself on what else to get...

    a figure and CG stands...
    2 figures and the wrath of the wife...
    a beast (Panthor)...
    hold out for a deal through the Marketplace for 1 or 2 of the figs I missed (Keldor and yellow Evil-Lyn)...
    Take it easy,

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    $491. A lot of which is shipping.

    Filled a heck of a lot of holes in my collection though.
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    I'd sleep better if I don't tally it all up , but I think it was $600ish for 32 figures in 15 orders. Which means I got them for an average of around $18 each with international S&H included; i.e., an average of around 30% discount (even though 8 figures were actually at full price, but the extra discounts on other figures on Cyber Monday levelled that difference).
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    I won't say how much I spent, but I'll tell you that the total with shipping divided by the number of items came to around $18 per toy. A fair discount.

    My cc is definitely wrecked, but I spent so much less than I would have on the secondary market. I'm satisfied. Or I will be once they all get here! I've only gotten two shopping notices so far!

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    I won't say how much I spent, but I'll tell you that the total with shipping divided by the number of items came to around $18 per toy. A fair discount.

    My cc is definitely wrecked, but I spent so much less than I would have on the secondary market. I'm satisfied. Or I will be once they all get here! I've only gotten two shopping notices so far!

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    the holiday joys

    MOTUC $96.13 total for 6 joyful Items
    DVD Blu Ray Games $50.43
    Helping out a friend who is paying me back for a New Goblin Hot Toys $97.44
    Not watching 2 old ladies on Thanksgiving night get into a huge fight over $4,88 Pillows..Priceless
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    About $170 between 2 orders on Friday and Monday. I had to work on Monday, so the damage might have been worse if I had gotten on in on those flash sales.

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    $241.35 (£150.00 apx) And we've still got Granamyr and Mosquitor etc coming! :o
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    $15.40 (Battleground Teela) + $22 (Castle Grayskullman) + $9.95 (international shipping) = $47.35

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    Order #1 (Draego-Man, Battle Cat, and Panthor) = $58.93
    Order #2 (Trap Jaw) = $17.44
    Order #3 (Keldor) = $17.44
    Order #4 (Queen Marlena) = $19.22
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    Around $40.00 (Buzz-Off and Clawful).

    I missed Cyber Monday due to work, otherwise I would have also picked up Draego Man and ... either TOD Sorceress or Fearless Photog when they were on sale.

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