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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving! - Roast Gooble Dinner - Episode 104 Discussion!

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    I definitely agree with Eamon's POV regarding detailing on the figures.
    Filmation designs look how they do for cost-effective animation purposes, pure and simple.
    And yes, Octavia has a great head sculpt, but there's like zero detail on her tunic and skin.
    How is that a cohesive look next to, say, Rattlor?
    Looking less human, more monstrous would improve her dramatically.

    While I do understand how cool (and RARE!) it is to have someone like ET always being so sensitive to the needs of as many fans as possible, I think it's borderline ridiculous to question adding embellishments like Clamp Champ features. It's things like that where I wish the 4H could reinterpret the characters a little more as they see them rather than what expectations certain fans might have. That's not to say we should necessarily see more 200x design elements, but that they should feel less beholden to the source materials. I mean, imagine a MOTUC Battle Cat that was smooth with no fur detailing whatsoever, just because that would be "true to vintage"?

    What else was talked about in this episode?
    OH YEAH!!!!!! 2-UPS!!!!!!!!

    Maybe we should start a support thread for this or something, but I am absolutely behind this idea in any way, shape, or form. I honestly don't think they would need to run as high as $500, but I also don't think they need to be quite as monstrously huge as the NECA statues were to be really impressive either. I think it would be very worthwhile to look into all the different possible solutions for this, whether it be a rotocast vinyl thing, or whatever.

    And while seeing some more existing 200x 2-ups to go with the NECA ones would definitely be cool, I'd also really love to see a totally new sub-line with completely new sculptures. I mean, think of what amazing possibilities there could be?! You could even up the "creating a scene" ante from the 200x statues and have a Zodac in his chair, or He-Man in the sword aloft pose, And like I say, these could be roughly 12" scale figures instead of 15" and still be awesome.

    Look and feel-wise, what I would most want to see would be an approach that was totally disregarding any and all specific source material, and ignoring any and all tooling, articulation, parts reuse, or materials concerns, and just absolutely going for it like the NECA statues. But unlike those statues, which had to be stylistically compatible with the existing toy line (with the anime aspects inherent) these could totally be their own style. Which IMO would be great to see a no-holds-barred 200x level of detail and realism but fully-rooted in the design language of the vintage stuff including sculpture, design art, and packaging art, with the least amount (or total absence) of cartoony qualities.

    Essentially, something along the lines of: George/Norem/Obrero/Alcala + Mark Taylor + Dave Wilkins + disproportionate amount of 4H style, and hold the Filmation please.

    Great episode though guys! I realize that most of the time you guys wanna stay as current as possible, so it's usually all MOTUC all the time. But hearing bits and pieces of other stuff from Eric in this one got me thinking what a staggering amount of MotU stuff that has yet to be mined on the show, and what amazing discussions we should be in for down the road!
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