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Thread: MOTU Casting Call 02: Man-E-Faces

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    MOTU Casting Call 02: Man-E-Faces

    Man-E-Faces is one of the most beloved Defenders of Eternia, be it for his unusual look, quirky power or gimmicky action feature, the bully turned hero, the greatest actor in Eternia deserves a starring role in the MOTU movie. The 200X version saw a Man-E-Faces with a far more practical use for his powers. If properly executed, a movie version of the 3 faced, multiple personality warrior could bring a whole new appreciate to the character.

    I enjoyed seeing Man-E-Faces having an actual use for his robotic and monstrous alternates, something that could be even further explored in the movie, showing him as an expert marksman in battle via his keen robotic sensors. Should he become overwhelmed by goons, he transforms into a hulking version, powering up similar to Bane in Batman via a supercharged chemical adrenaline, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with the heavy hitters.

    The actor chosen to play Man-E-Faces may not be the greatest actor in the world, but he could be a fan pleaser all the same. Here are my suggestions for the hunky true blue Eternian.

    Kellan Lutz, muscled, hunky and no stranger to sci-fi and fantasy, Kellan is actually an under appreciated young star who would be the next Chris Evans, and fan boys love Chris Evans. Though he has been married to the Twilight franchise for some time now, he is a capable actor with potential.
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    Paul Bettany has a very impressive resume, and seems to take on a variety of projects. He is an accomplished actor and would fit well into the role, and possibly another role in an MOTU movie. Paul is a chameleon, and could take on virtually any character. He also seems to have some clout in Hollywood, and if his name was attached to the project, it might bring in a larger audience.
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    Hugh Jackman could just be the best man for the job. From Broadway and starring in blockbuster comic related movies, Hugh is everything we need in Man-E-Faces. He can sing, he can dance, he can throw punches, leap from balconies and doesn't mind getting messy in his roles. He has a lot of star power, and I could easily see him donning the costume. If Hugh were to cast as Perkaedo, I would probably be looking forward to his face time over whatever rippling mound of muscle they cast to play He-Man.
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    Joe Manganiello is tall, build like a line backer, and enjoying fast growing popularity. He could be another great choice for Man-E-Faces. He loves to do comic cons, take on roles in nerdy movies, and is quite versatile, despite his current hunk status. You can watch him running around next to naked as Alcid in Tru Blood. His body is amazing, and his acting chops are pretty decent. Its very easy to imagine him suited up, his snarling voice run through a voice changer when he transforms into the beast If Hugh Jackman isn't available, he just might be my second choice.
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