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Thread: Anyone have a MOTUC Teela body?

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    Anyone have a MOTUC Teela body?

    I just need the body, not the heads or weapons. Any customizers have this?
    My seller/trader/buyer feedback:

    MOTUC Most Wanted: 1) Stridor 2) Night Stalker 3) Roton 4) Dragstor 5) Saurod 6) Karg 7) Lodar 8) Mask of Power Demons 9) TC Skeletor 10) FF He-Man 11) Talon Fighter/Point Dread 12) Road Ripper 13) Lord Masque 14) Filmation Teela

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    Why not get a Goddess body for a fraction of the cost and use that?
    Made it through Cyber Monday with everything I wanted, well, almost.

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