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Thread: 2014 Club Eternia and Club Etheria figures FOR SALE and PRE-ORDER

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    2014 Club Eternia and Club Etheria figures FOR SALE and PRE-ORDER

    I have a few extra figures for sale. Prices INCLUDE shipping (within Continental USA). I accept Payment sent AS A GIFT to my paypal (or add 4% to cover fees). I also have NO problem shipping international, BUT shipping is extra.

    Check out my numerous feedback from over 100 satisfied individuals on my iTrader or on my MOTU_Maniac thread in the Trader Review forum HERE (if you have any reservations).

    IN HAND:
    ~Hydron (1 Left, 1 Pending TRADE) = $25/shipped loose OR $30/shipped MOC
    ~Horde Empire Map (2 Left) = $10/shipped

    ~Flogg (SOLD OUT, 1 Pending)
    ~Double Trouble/Mischief (SOLD OUT, 2 Pending, 1 FREE Giveaway)

    ~Flutterina (SOLD OUT, 2 Pending)
    ~NA Skeletor (SOLD OUT, 2 Pending)
    ~Madame Razz with Broom (SOLD OUT, 1 FREE Giveaway)

    ~Rio Blast (1 Left, 1 Pending) = $40/shipped
    ~Entrapta (SOLD OUT, 1 Pending, 1 FREE Giveaway)
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