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Thread: The PAH Foundation reveals the artist behind the vintage card backs and style guides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOKYONEVER View Post
    Please PowerAndHonor, when and how you'll can share all of these illustrations with us?
    Hard to tell when.
    How, ideally, in another catalog or book.
    We are thinking about doing a report of all our activities from the past 12 months and then hopefully clarify better what the plans are for the future.
    We definitely want to share all the materials we have, and we will, have no fear!

    Can you confirm also something for me please? Have you in the lot of the scans the He-Ro backcard Art illustration?
    Hum.... Maybe

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    Yes!!!! thx a lot!

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    Need pics please....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantisaur82 View Post
    I apologize because it is not subject of this topic, but this could be the right place to ask...
    Who is the author(s) of pictures for these covers?

    Uploaded with

    This one is one of my favourite MOTU artworks since I was a kid. It is much more realistic with great details than most of others showed above, but based on the style of how characters look I believe that they all might be from the same author.

    Uploaded with

    Maybe this one is from that author as well?

    Yes, I have the same question...maybe Fred Carrillo illustrated those covers too...I'm not sure.
    Anyone ?

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