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    Issues with the new film

    I just wanted to post some thoughts about the new film. I am excited but I have a couple of issues.

    First of all, I want to state that I am not expecting anything golden with this film. I have learned from experience that Hollywood is not in the business of satisfying fans, they are more worried about catering to as many people as possible in hopes to make as much money as possible so I am not expecting a super faithful adaption. Given, sometimes in Hollywood there are exceptions but I doubt a MOTU movie will be one of those films that break the mold, even if the the director/writers are passionate about the source material, they still have to go through a a gauntlet of producers and studio execs which tend to drive at ideas that are unfavorable to the fans. Perhaps a popular director that has credibility like Guillermo Del Toro would make an amazing MOTU movie....but then again, even Del Toros "Hellboy" adaption was more or less his version and not extremely faithful to the comic. I just want to state that I am accepting the undeniable reality that while I have nothing against John Chu, we are more or less going to wind up with something like the Transformer films....I am sure the new film won;t be the worse film ever...but nothing spectacular, and fans will likely complain...I guess that last part is always unavoidable though.

    As a personal issue...As I have become older I see no need for Prince Adam these days. I mean, there are 5 or 6 different incarnations of He-Man and some of them don't have Adam....or sort of have Adam or whatever. Aside from the build up we get sometimes as a scene will be intense because Adam needs to hide to transform and of course, the transformation sequence itself, I don't see a real need for him, having him would have to mean they have two actors who have split screen time or some unnecessary CGI, it just lead to complexities. Having He-Man just already be He-Man would be ten times easier for story wouldn't have to sit through some origin story without He-man for the first 40 could just swing into the story and start introducing the supporting characters with He-Man already doing his thing. If they wanted to, they could even have He-Man have to quest for his harness...which would add to his power and perhaps have to find the power sword, perhaps in the vain of how Legend of Zelda or God of War unfolds...questing for items, whatnot.

    Of course no Adam doesn't mean they can' have characters like Randor or Marlena or Orko or Eternos, these people and places could exist, just without Adam, perhaps He-Man could even be their lost child, that way if the films go beyond a solo movie they could have He-Mans ascension to the throne be a sub plot. I just find it that Adam is the silliest secret identity I have ever seen. It worked fine in the eighties when I was about 3 years old, but seems highly unnecessary now, especially when these cinematic "revamps" of cartoons and comics try to be "grittier" or more practical. I just find how Adam, who already resembles He-Man somewhat, has a sword that looks exactly like He-Mans, (even in the 2002 series, when the hilt was folded....the sword still looked like He-Mans) and if they use the traditional power does Adam hide it in his shirt and finally the fact they are the only two blonde haired men on the entire planet with giant green tigers...and no one catches on, a bit absurd.

    Finally, and quickly, I want to bring up the fact that I have heard some potential writers for the movies say they want to ditch characters like Orko or Mer-Man because they are campy in the past....that's idiotic, any character can be good if written well. Orko doesn't have to be annoying like he has been..and he already has a great design, just emphasize the long tethered robes with glowing yellow eyes.

    Well, I know I contradicted myself by saying that I am not expecting a faithful adaption and then saying I don't want any Prince Adam somewhat or facilitated my own expectations....but, oh well, inner conflict I guess LOL
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