To WhipTastic:
Ignoring the Bay Transformers themselves for a moment (because, really, that's an entirely separate poor design/ignoring theoretical physics issue), the films are so poorly written as to be laughable anyway. The first movie alone has plot holes you could drive a convoy through. Sure, Bay claimed that he was attempting "realism", I'm not arguing that. He can claim anything he wants. Executing it is an entirely different enchilada.

What Bay ends up doing is appealing to the more juvenile areas of the mind by rewarding the primitive parts of his viewer's brains with brightly lit explosions and loud noises so as to cover for the fact that he tells the viewers one thing (this is a more realistic look at transformers!), but proceeds to do something else (but I know nothing about the military, or computers, or physics, or space, or engineering! Ignore that my realism looks a lot like ignorance and look at Megan Fox bounce in front of shiny explosions!). That seems to be his entire movie strategy in a nutshell. Realism requires reality which very few movie studios have the time or money to provide (also, there is the "reality is unrealistic" angle which is a whole other kettle of fish). Instead of focusing on something he couldn't provide, he should have just run with the "modern mythic" angle (ala Ghostbusters, perhaps) and all would have been well (and probably made a whole lot more sense).

Too strong an emphasis on "realism" sets the movie up for failure (technology dates itself quickly, for one) and it's another reason I laugh at Bay's attempts. He's like a kid dressed up in his dad's uniform, thinking that makes him a soldier. Some people can indulge him. I can't. That's not what I want for MOTU. I want the new MOTU to be a classic.

And I hope they aren't, Adam. Used less, yes, but not jettisoned.