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    MOTUC and this movie

    I hope they don't use any of the MOTUC elements that I find distasteful. I couldn't watch a movie that has a Hordak named Hector and a Skeletor that was a product of Keldor/Demo-Man

    Thank you for reading.
    "I wouldn't be surprised if this movie has Adam as a skinny nerd from Earth battling another skinny nerd-hacker from Earth that used an alias of Keldor. They then enter Tron-style to a cyber world called Eternia, where they control muscle-bound avatars to battle (called He-Man and Skeletor). And these same avatars come to life and continue to battle in present-day Earth." - VZX

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    Movie will borrow from a lot of the canons out there, I think.
    Hopefully they use nothing from the file cards. I really dislike an alarmingly large number of those "real" names.
    And when Mattel makes toys for this thing, hopefully they won't be like the crap 3.75" scale ones put out for The Dark Knight Rises.

    EDIT: ahh, you can tell I'm mostly a GI Joe guy using a term like "file cards." I meant the MOTUC bios on the back of the packaging
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    I concur.

    Most of the bios from MOTUC are terrible. I think a lot of the canon they have formulated over the past ten years is pretty bad......but thats just me.

    I guess it will depend on Mattels input on the film

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    I can just see acid in the face Skeletor singing Andrew Loyd Webber.

    .."The world showed no compation, to me!"..

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    Yeah, I'm not fond of the cardbacks for the most part either. The real names by and large are awful and the story relies far too much on time-travel and other sticky weirdness. If it came across my desk at work it would be covered in metaphorical red ink and sent back for rewrite. I mostly ignore the profile cards unless it's the rare occasion where something fun pops up. I really hope they don't make it into the movie story and are just being used to secure and hold name copyrights for unproduced characters, places and such. For Example: IMO Evelyn Powers would have been fine as a name for astronaut Lyn, but as she was not a fellow astronaut with Marlena outside the series pitch and the inaccurate bible (that still calls Orko "Gorpo")-- it never should have been seen again unless they made astronaut Lyn.
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    i dont know what i want to see in the new movie and what i want left out. i just know 75% of the ideas tossed around this site for the movie, really, really stink something fierce. a few orgers get it. the rest dont.

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