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Thread: Top 5 Figures The Have Disappointed you

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    Top 5 Figures The Have Disappointed you

    Just like Whiplash7's but the opposite

    5 -Vykron - I think he should have been done as 3 separate figures. The snap on parts I think are a good idea, but new boots and other stuff would've been better

    4 -BG Evil Lyn - Looks good but the thought of doing another Evil Lyn that looks more like 200x when this one should have. I just think this one isn't complete.

    3 -Grizzlor - Not sure what it is, but maybe it's the lack of detail due to fur, face not looking mean enough. Some thing just looks off.

    2 -The Faceless One - Just really looks boring to me, especially having a face. Cape is too bulky to really pose him. I think his cape should have been done in cloth and maybe some thing like Shadow Weaver with no legs and a cloud sculpt around the bottom.

    1 -Sy Klone - He has one of my favorites since I was a kid. He's the only one I remember picking out at a toys r us. The 200x is great, this ones sculpt is good and I do like the original design even though the 200x is better. For me it's the colors, they're too bright the yellow on Buzz off or Mer man would have been better. It's not like I was hoping for a 200x version just darker colors. I was excited to get him and I opened him up and just felt blah
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    He-Man- no vintage head
    Vykron- armor/accessories look boring and plain, snap on parts look cheap and like Playmobil... deserved a Vikor-treatment
    Faceless One- wrong head, too bulky, no cloth around the legs, big dissapointment, because I really like this character and accept him in MOTU...
    Chief Carnivus- Disney-like face sculpt, which totally ruined the figure for me, also bad, because i like animal humanoids
    Roboto- breaking torso, reversed shoulders, cheap black wash on legs, no detachable left arm... Mattel totally screwed him...

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    1. The Sorceress because of the super lame and stupid engineering job on her articulation and the hideous drums on the back. A great sculpt ruined by a horrible, horrible design.
    2. The Sorceress
    3. The Sorceress
    4. The Sorceress
    5. The Sorceress

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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    Sorceress - the wings

    Snout Spout - WHile mine has not broken yet, I just don't feel comfortable selling my MOC one off knowing the trunk will break if I do.

    Dragon Blaster Skeletor - The body itself is cool, and it would have been used for my default Skeletor had it not been for the lighter blue skin and black plastic. Plus, the dragon itself looks ridiculous.

    Dekker - I really liked the character in the cartoon, but his figure is just boring.

    The entire 30th line - While Draego and Grayskull are cool, the line as a whole is an utter disappointment. Photog is missing articulation in the legs, hindering his standing, Spectre and SLL are descent designs but the colors are crap. Lastly, Cy-Chop is just an awful design all around. It looks like they just had random parts lying around the office and put him together to make that.
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    1. Star Sisters...wanted to love them...ended up not liking them at all.
    2. Count Marzo...just don't like him.
    3. Cy-Chop...would've been much better if he came with regular hands.
    4. the vintage figure, very much dislike the MOTUC. His torso looks like it's too small or "flat."
    5. Hurricane Hordak...maybe this is one that could never make me happy. Too flashy to be "Hordak."

    (I do not own Vykron)

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    clawful(disappointed face sculpt)

    Syklone (just boring)

    Snout spout( awful dopy face)

    BG evil lyn( nothing really new to necessitate a new figure)

    roboto( another miss on the updating the sculpt of the head )

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    01 Vykron - Great idea - but poorly executed - the figure looks clunky - the straps don't fit properly and the flesh coloured paint over the "blastic" is horrendous!

    02 Roboto - doesn't look right at all - Small torso, wonky legs, soft accessories.

    03 Grizzlor - Needed bigger legs - not the Beastman legs and needed 2nd head.

    04 Dragon Blaster Skeletor - not quite there - the dragon could have been done better - and of course the blastic issue.

    05 JOINT - King Hsss - Loincloth/legs could have been done better - too stiff - the snakes are puny - Hurricane Hordak - the "figure" is OK - the head, the new glossy cowl - but the flaky soft armor is a poor decision and I don't like the dial on the back.
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    Only one figure for me...Panthor (no flock)
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    To be disappointed in something you must first possess an expectation of that item....regardless if you bought it or not.

    I'll name them whether I own them or not....for figure flaws & poor design choices.
    Goddess: Crotch go boom
    Snout Spout: Trunk go bye bye
    She-Ra: For not having skirt slits, posability sucks
    EP Randor: Loss of bicep articulation, which still could have been preserved, no slits in the man skirt like She-Ra means poor posability.
    Sorceress: Bad choice of design for including action feature....something the line was not supposed to have, a simpler and more appealing design would have worked just as well.

    That's my top's a short list of a few more figures that somewhat disappointed because of lame ass design choices....but the figures are still fine....
    Stinkor: Idiotic idea to make him POP by intentionally swapping Newly Sculpted Forearms.....
    Frosta: Factory reversed forearms, gray instead of white plastic....
    Fisto: Stupidly huge sword holder on his back, horrible looking hole in his back because of it.

    Blastic issues which disappointed me, otherwise great figures.
    DB Skeletor

    I'll add a note here, that all 8 of the last figures above (Sorceress - Rattlor), are among my favorites, just the fact I truly hate the design choices implemented by a company that should know better, or be smarter. Now a list of figures I just don't like....that's another thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grayskull's Heir View Post
    1. The Sorceress because of the super lame and stupid engineering job on her articulation and the hideous drums on the back. A great sculpt ruined by a horrible, horrible design.
    2. The Sorceress
    3. The Sorceress
    4. The Sorceress
    5. The Sorceress

    She's not that least from the front and a little to the side it's not that noticeable, stupid design?, yeah, gives her drop in points? Yeah....but she's certainly not the worst figure in the line. At least she isn't known for crotch explosions, snout decay, tiny cracks, flocking or paint just falling or peeling off.
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    1. Sy-Klone complete clone of the vintage figure needed a new "modern" head not a blue He-Man head with a helmet. was never a favorite and that doesn't help since he didn't get upgraded enough (Man-At Arms is an example where the upgrades made the figure for me.

    2. Stratos umm he was boring as a vintage figure and nothing has changed that for me, plus no accessories don't help.

    3. King Hssss was super excited for this figure when the placard at SDCC was shown, but the Snake form just wasn't imposing enough, love the "human" form, but the snake form really hurt him for me.

    4. Buzz-Off decent figure but that head does it for me he just looks so goofy and even more so with helmet. Needed a "modern" head.

    5. Clawful my absolute favorite character in MOTU (funny how alot of that has to do with the Filmation version and now I can't stand that series), and the body, armor, feet are all awesome it's the muppet head that really hurts him for me those eyebrows!!!! He really needed a "modern" head, we went through that lull with a few figures after some amazing updates then got Fisto and Stinkor who got excellent "modern" updates. Thanks to Kevin Kosse (Tin on the Org) his Clawful head is amazing and really makes this figure close to perfect!

    Honorable mention. Star Sisters I wasn't expecting much and I wasn't disappointed there isn't much here.

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    5. Clawful's face.

    4. Horde Prime's Cape.

    3. Faceless One's Face.

    2. No Disco Skeletor Variant.

    1. The Mighty Spector missing his giant, over-sized, purple, cowboy hat.
    And also his playing card deck with sitting stool and poker table.
    And the fact that they didn't change his name to the "Gamblor."
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    1. Zodak
    2. Vykron
    3. Snake MAA
    4. Photog
    5. Spector

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    Mighty Spector
    Sir Laser Lot

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    I find that I don't have many issues with figures themselves, but rather the choices of characters to make figures out of. I feel like too many slots were wasted on variants and characters that don't really make sense (to me).

    (5)The Star Sisters - Just too angular in their sculpt. Faces and features should have been sculpted much softer. Also, who the hell asked for these? I am new to collecting these figs, did I miss a poll or something? Should have been Angela, Glimmer, and Madame Razz or someone. I feel like Mattel wasted so many character slots on filler and unnecessary variants. Now that money for the line has run out, we may not get other important characters.

    (4)Wun-Dar - Literally a lazy palette swap of He-Man. The could have made his hair longer or something. I think it was another waste of resources. Love the idea of the character, but the model should have been unique.

    (3)Temple of Darkness Sorceress - Another "lazy" palette swap figure. This slot could have been occupied by Koduk Ungol (the old sorceress) or someone else like Starchild (from the old cartoon). I realize that this line is not the "filmation" line, but it would have been cool to see more of the Filmation characters.

    (2)She-Ra - This figure is pretty solid all around, my only gripe is the face. Way too angular, lips too thin, brow too large giving her a "drag queen" look. I would re-issue the figure with the Adora face sculpt, or even repaint the original to make it look softer. In fact, most of the females in the line should have the Adora face sculpt, arguably the most attractive face of all the figures. I realize She-Ra is He-Man's twin, but she didn't need to have his face necessarily.

    (1)FROSTA - This is absolutely a horrible looking figure. If the creators had sculpted her to look more like the 80's doll, I would not have any gripes, but since they chose to model her after the Filmation cartoon, I have a major kitty cat to toss! The character in the cartoon is absolutely beautiful with soft exotic features, light blue hair and a sexy figure. The figure we got is rather chunky, and the face is an ugly snarl or a grimace. The eyes make her look insane, and the hair is this translucent material which I WISH they'd stop using and just pain the damn things. Or better yet, produce the parts in the color that they are supposed to be, negating the need for painting all together. I am really disappointed with Frosta most of all.

    All in all, my gripes are rather petty. It's my fault actually, because I have to remember that these figures are NOT the "Filmation" line, but rather a weird amalgamation of the cartoon, classic figs, and various comics and content over the years.

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    Hmm, I'd have to have Top 5 Categories:

    1) Vintage-itis: Figures that suffer from not enough creative updating

    2) Mattel QC: Figures that were misassembled or otherwise botched

    3) Shoehorned vanity figures: They know who they are

    4) Lack of resources: Releases that were rushed out before there were adequate resources to do them right

    5) Lack of maturity: Figures that look and feel wrong in an Adult Collector line
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    1) Snout Spout: Horrible headsculpt especially when you compare it to the Staction sculpt.

    2) ClAWFUL: The headsculpt has very little improvement from a bad design sculpted over 20 years ago!

    3) Buzz-Off: Yet another headsculpt that was improved very little from the poor vintage design.

    4) Sorceress: Horrendous drums attached to her shoulders with poor arm articulation made what could have been a perfect figure very lame. Thanks Terry!

    5) He-Man: His Classics headsculpt is a fairly weak sculpt especially when compared to more recent sculpts like Fisto. It doesn't look anything like the vintage design. The eyes are too small and the hair is too thick. They need to either give an updated design or make a Filmation head.
    MYP Sorceress is a MUST HAVE figure for MOTUC!

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    From least to epic disappointment:

    Buzz-Off is a character who could have benefit from a 200X head. Otherwise, I have no problem with him.

    Poor Sy-Klone was a straight vintage rehash except for his 200X ring. No 200X head, no shoulder rings, not even a new melee weapon to spice him up ala Fisto (more like him please). Ever since Mattel banned 200X heads in 2010, I had a feeling that he would be one of the victims.

    The Polly Pocket team can get her right, but the MOTUC team can't? Hair is dark blue instead of light blue, the face could match Filmation a little better, unpainted back, grey colors instead of white...I'm not a hardcore POP fan and I can see that, so I can imagine the POP fans who have endured Frosta taking 4 years to show up. One of the most popular characters in the mythos and Mattel fumbled the ball.

    Battleground Evil-Lyn
    Even when the original Evil-Lyn hit, there were fans who have wanted the 200X Evil-Lyn wearing her 200X tunic because it WASN'T a recolor of Teela's oft-used swimsuit; Evil-Lyn had her own unique costume. Mattel didn't have the 2.0 waist twist body yet, so they "wasted" a valuable slot. Now fans aren't feeling getting a THIRD Evil-Lyn, even if she is the correct version.

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfall1976 View Post
    She's not that least from the front and a little to the side it's not that noticeable, stupid design?, yeah, gives her drop in points? Yeah....but she's certainly not the worst figure in the line. At least she isn't known for crotch explosions, snout decay, tiny cracks, flocking or paint just falling or peeling off.
    Well, in my opinion she is
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    My top five :

    1) King Hssss (figure I was the most disappointed in)

    2) Sorceress

    3) Frosta

    4) Snout Spout

    5) Roboto

    These are not my less favorite figures, but the ones that disappointed me the most so far...

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    1. The Mighty Spector - A waste of a slot, I'm sure TG had a better idea than this.
    2. Sir Laser Lot - I thought he looked ok, a little reminiscient of a Filmation character, but when I got him, looked truly worse in person.
    3. Vykron - Horrible SDCC item, there's a reason they never made Vykron back in the day.
    4. Cy-Chop - Like SLL, I thought he had potential, but in person, he's too mished mashed, and the head looks goofy. Belongs in the 50's monster movies.
    5. Mo-Larr - I would have preferred if Mattel made a tooth monster named Mo-Larr instead of the dentist straight from the sketch/show.

    All these five have brought down the excellence of this line. None of them fit MOTU.

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    Battleground Teela- Introduced those new lousy thighs that remove the hip swivel and the glossy unpainted face.
    Sorceress- Wing Drums and being stuck with BGT thighs when the TOD one has the old ones.
    Dekkar- Just a wasted slot that could have to gone to a far more interesting character design.
    Demo-Man- The colors on the SDCC prototype were perfect, why the neon green change? And all the green splatter on the Alcala Skeletor Head? (Still an amazing figure through, but if he had the SDCC colors he would be my #1 figure)
    King Hsss- Stiff articulation, rock hard crouch, backwards shoulders and goofy snake form.

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    In no particular order:

    Whiplash - The solid tail completely ruined this figure for me. The tail is his whole gimmick. The sculpt is beautiful I have no issues with it at all but the tail was a major letdown.

    Slush Head - I'm not a NA fan at all but I absolutely loved this figure when it was revealed. When the final production figure was shown though, the figure ended up being a huge failure. First the tentacles are garbage. They aren't bendy and just hang there. They look stupid. I don't even display mine with them cause they look so bad. Second, the whole head articulation/ water in dome/ no neck peg set up is horrible. This figure had a lot of potential to be used for customizing and for parts but the head set up ruined it.

    Hurricane Hordak - The vac-metal ended up being a huge mistake. All 5 of my sub figures had problems with it that I could see just from the package. Then there is the dial on the back. I understand why the 4H put it there but in the end it just looks dumb.

    Tytus - First the obvious: he's too small. I understand why Mattel went with this scale but it still a little disappointing. Then there's the whole lack of articulation on the figure. Mattel gave us this story that the figure would cost tons more if it had "standard MOTUC articulation" yet we see other figures from them in almost the same size with tons more POA. If a 10 in DCUC figure can have "standard" articulation then there is no reason Tytus couldn't considering the price for each one. Also his weapon was a problem. It didn't work. Tytus now looks like he is carrying around a vacume cleaner.

    BG Evil Lyn - Fans asked for a 200X EL and what they got was a redecoed classic EL in 200X colors. Not the same thing at all. It was pretty obvious that Mattel knew what people wanted but went this route to save costs.

    My #1 Disappointment:

    Frosta - Frosta should be white not gray. This is truly just pathetic that Mattel even let this get approved. A TOTAL FAILURE FOR THE DESIGN TEAM. I have no problems with the sculpt at all. It's quite beautiful. The paint though completely ruins the figure for me. I hate even looking at it.

    Yeah I know that's 6 but those were the ones that I though of.

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    1) Sorceress - My most anticipated figure, and they ruined her with the wing mechanism, and by painting the inside of her wings blue.

    2) Frosta - All toy companies (not just Mattel) need to stop using grey to represent white. It simply does not work. White is white. Grey will always be grey.

    3) Dragon Blaster Skeletor - The padlock is attached incorrectly - it's supposed to go on the collar, with the chain on the lock. The lack of articulation on the dragon, the wrong shade of blue skin, the black plastic, etc... the list of things that went wrong here is staggering.

    4) Thunder Punch He-Man - I hate the pale skin, and the faux cap is the wrong size. And why does he only come with 1 cap, when the vintage fig came with 5? I shouldn't have to buy a second figure to be able to place a cap in the shield & backpack at the same time.

    5) The Giants (Tytus & Megator) - They each have the same problem; they're smaller than the originals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grayskull's Heir View Post
    1. The Sorceress because of the super lame and stupid engineering job on her articulation and the hideous drums on the back. A great sculpt ruined by a horrible, horrible design.
    2. The Sorceress
    3. The Sorceress
    4. The Sorceress
    5. The Sorceress

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    She-Ra - She can't even sit on Swift Wind. You have to buy the Bubble Power She-Ra just to be able to "build" a She-Ra that can do so. Plus her lower legs on my figure are just a mess
    Catra - I don't know if it's just the figure I bought, but I can't get her to stand in an proper upright pose. It looks like she has scoliosis. And what is up with her left hand?
    Frosta - She was one of the hottest females in the Great Rebellion and her figure's face makes her look like a scary banshee. The hair color doesn't bother me. The face does.
    Eternos Palace King Randor - I hate to admit it because I was so looking forward to this figure. I know one of the major complaints about him has been that his biceps don't swivel. I don't see why they couldn't have added a swivel joint where his arm meets the sleeve of his robe. Oh wait, yes I do. That whole "having to create a whole new tooling" BS line we get from Matty constantly. Just to add a lower swivel joint. I know an arm doesn't swivel at that point but that's not to say you can't use your imagination and pretend his whole arm is turning, inside his sleeve as well. It would've added some posability, anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksun442 View Post
    Just like Whiplash7's but the opposite
    The opposite of the other thread would be: figures you liked or wanted when they were revealed, but over time grew to dislike. Not just people listing figures they don't like. Just sayin'.

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