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Thread: Top 5 Figures The Have Disappointed you

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    Not in order of importance and not considering 30th anniversary:
    1) Leech: poor interpration and bad proportion
    2) Snout Spout: poor interpration of the head
    3) Dragon Blaster Skeletor: poor interpretation of the dragon head (no gimmick = no reason to disfigure head sculpt to make a vintage resembling sculpt)
    4) Kobra Khan: bad interpretation of the head (no gimmick = no reason to disfigure head sculpt to make a vintage resembling sculpt)
    5) Buzz-off: lame.

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    in no particular order:

    1.Beastman- figure itself looks great just would have preferred a bright orange coat like the vintage,so it "pops" more & brings nostalgia
    2.Evil-lyn & rest of female figues- they should have used a smaller scale for them
    3. Spikor-not in love with the head sculpt, I like him looking more like an animal ,eyes ruin it also
    4. Snout Spout-loved figure as a kid,something seems off about him now though..not sure.
    5.Roboto- reversed shoulders,bow-legged. .etc..

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    1. Prince Adam – Prince Adam was one of my absolute favorite vintage figures and is the only vintage MOTU figure I still have from my childhood. I have 2 Prince Adams and both of them have ankles so loose that they can barely stand. Otherwise the figure is OK but the ankles ruin the figure for me. I currently have Vykron boots on him just so he can actually stand.
    2. Thunder Punch He-Man – This was probably my favorite He-Man variant as a kid. So many things going wrong with this figure. The skin tone didn’t match the original and Battle Armor He-Man. His belt was painted red instead of orange like the vintage toy. His fist was painted rather than cast in flesh tone plastic. His sword is the color of snot rather than gold (the gold plastic of Eternos Palace King Randor would have been perfect). And to top it off his ankles were loose. Not only are loose ankles disappointing on this figure, but his boots could have had multiple uses. It was quite common for the original He-Man, BA He-Man, and Preternia Disguise He-Man to have loose ankles so these boots would have been good for them. And these boots also would have been a good alternative for Prince Adam. Even though the original toy and most media depicted Prince Adam with purple boots, some comic adaptations and art depict him with red boots. So many figures with loose ankles could have been salvaged if just this one figure had tight ankles.
    3. Mekaneck – Another one of my childhood favorites. Blastic. Need I say more? His club also looks cheap with that yellow paint plastered on it. I was one of the few who was upset that he didn’t have the ability to extend his neck. I wasn’t expecting the original action feature. But I would at least have liked to be able to manually extend his neck up and down.
    4. Dragon Blaster Skeletor – This was never one of my favorites but he had the potential to look really cool. Unfortunately, he didn’t live up to that potential. But what really bothered me the most was the blastic and on top of that, the skin tone didn’t match the earlier Skeletors. If his skin tone had matched and his limbs were cast in the appropriate colors, this figure would have been worth his price just to use his parts on the previous Skeletors to make them more like their vintage toy counterparts.
    5. King Grayskull 2.0 – When it was announced that a 2.0 version was coming out, I was really hoping that we’d get 200X accurate loin cloth, bracelets, chest armor, and weapons. I understand that Mattel doesn’t want to do 200X He-Man, but since King Grayskull is a separate character and had no vintage counterpart it would have been nice to get him with his 200X accurate garb. Plus a simple head swap would give us an unofficial 200X He-Man. Aside from the fact that he wasn't 200X accurate, I wasn't happy with the color choices on him. his cape looks like a Santa Claus Christmas tree ornament. And all 4 of my King Grayskulls had fairly loose ankles. Fortunately, it's an easy fix to slap Vikor, Spikor, or Vykron boots onto him.
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    I can honestly say, there is none.

    Even those who got bad reviews because of strange design choices, quality issues or color problems.

    The figures may not be perfect and that´s sad but once in hand, i´m always amazed how happy they make me.

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    In no particular order:

    She-Ra/Bubble-Power She-Ra

    Battle Ground Evil Lyn

    Captain Glenn

    Space Man Vykron

    Star Sisters



    My seller/trader/buyer feedback:

    MOTUC Most Wanted: 1) Stridor 2) Road Ripper 3) Dragon Walker 4) Land Shark

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    1. DB Skeletor ... I was so excited about him when I saw the first pics. In hand he seemed lame. I think it is the head. After the Alcala Demo Man head, the other's seem goofey.

    2. Clawful ... One of my fave's as a kid. The classics version is just awful!

    3. Goddess ... Love her, the broken leg is so disappointing.

    4. Frosta ... Just doesn't look right.

    5. Stinkor ... Another fail.

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    1. Cy-Chop: 'NUFF SAID

    2.Goddess: Though I have yet to experience it but the fact that she breaks, loss of a most wanted figure!!!

    3.Snout Spout: Trunked!!! Then again any figure who has cracked!!!

    4.Panthor: is more like Mr. Bigglesworth without the flocking!

    5.Did I mention Cy-Chop yet?
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    I don't have many figures that I dislike. I came into the line late and so I've been able to pick who I want and who I don't want. However, there are some overlaps in who I feel like I need for the collection and who I don't really like.

    1. Stratos - He's just so boring. He was also among the lamest 200X figures for me, too. This guy just brings nothing to the party. I only got him because I found his two-pack at Toys R Us and I was stoked to find MOTU at retail.
    2. She-Ra - I'm not a POP fan, but She-Ra is an essential enough character that she's must be represented in any collection. Her vintage head looks terrible (and I'm not even talking about the hole in her head. I mean, how else do you make a mask stay on? Hang on while I search the pile of my carpet for Catra's mask...), and her second head doesn't seem to really fit on her peg. She also can barely stand under the weight of her cape.
    3. Leech - He's so puny. I wish he would have come with alternate hands, or only one hand fanned out. I think his face is fine, but it is hard for him to pull off "menacing" with any amount of hunching or stalking poses with his big goofy jazz hands.
    4. Vykron - I love the idea behind this figure, and I definitely thinks he has a good place in the line. I wish that the Tank Top and Flykron (my name for Space Ace) costumes could have been refined some more. As it is, he just looks like a cool stage on the progression from Conan to He-Man. He doesn't fit there on the timeline, but I'm using him on my Vikor shelf. I also wish he had a big-ass sword instead of an axe.
    5. Roboto - I just don't like the execution on this guy. I don't really like his head sculpt. His boots look terrible with that really sloppy black wash. I guess people expected both his hands to be interchangeable? I don't get why people are down on him for that, but it couldn't hurt! Mine isn't cracked, so I give him points for that.
    6. Honorable mention goes to the Weapons Rack. That could have been a slam dunk, but the weapons are so plain compared to what comes with the figures. And the red weapons are terribly done! The paint is streaky, sticky, and there are parts where they straight up missed! Crummy product.

    And now of figures I don't own, but don't make me jazzed to own, even if I feel like I need them.
    1. Teela - She has the stodgy librarian look of her vintage figure and Filmation looks, and none of the fun and dynamism (is that a word) of her 200X appearances.
    2. Shadow Weaver - She's just so boring. She's Orko, but big and EEEEVIL! She's important and the Horde isn't complete without her (why do I feel this way, yet completely dislike POP?), but there's just nothing to this figure. Big lump of burgundy plastic.
    3. Buzz Off - Had him as a kid, loved the 200X figure, so I feel like I need him...can't see how they could get it so wrong. He looks so silly.
    4. Spikor - Again, too vintage. Wish they would have embellished his armor a little. Shoulder pads, spiked gauntlets and boots, new belt. I like what they did with the trident, though. I like him, but he could have been a lot more.
    5. Umm... I'm having a hard time coming up with a fifth one. Stinkor maybe, because they goofed up his arms? Really doubt I'd notice it if I didn't read forums.
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    Battleground Teela
    Space Ace Vykron
    The Goddess

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    5. Spikor - Blastic and don't like the face sculpt

    4. Leech - Should have stayed in the '80's

    3. Marzo - Really wanted Filmation Marzo, NOT Dragon Ball Z Marzo...

    2. Hurricane Hordak - Waste. Why not just include the extra's in a WP?

    1. Cringer - Needs to be larger with more articulation!
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    I'm not going with figures that I necessarily dislike, just figure that I was looking forward to that ended up disappointments for various reasons.

    1. King Hsss - Could have been one of the crown jewels in the line. Instead it's a fail from the 4H and Mattel. Crotch piece is hard platic, limits articulation. The reversed shoulders are very obvious and restrict movement. The snake torso is pathetic and feels like a lazy rush job by the 4 Horsemen. The torso armor should have also been a fully tooled piece instead of a pullover piece that forces his arms to stick out from his sides.

    A near total failure by all parties involved.

    2. Battle Ground Evil Lyn - Mattel and the 4 Horsemen knew what was expected with this figure, and instead decided to churn out a cheap repaint knowing we were locked into subs, with no worries about selling her.

    3. Sorceress - The drums kill this figure. Her arm articulation is so hampered it's pathetic. Mattel could have just released her as a staction since they apparently only want fans to pose her in the Filmation pose.

    4. Clawful. - I suspected this is what we'd get, but the headsculpt is the absolute worst in the line. Muppet Clawful is such an utter disappointment.

    5. DB Skeletor - So disappointed in the black plastic. I have a few DB Skellys, and all of them have black plastic issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Criss79 View Post
    in no particular order:

    1.Beastman- figure itself looks great just would have preferred a bright orange coat like the vintage,so it "pops" more & brings nostalgia
    I would have liked that too. He looks great though.

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    Chief Carnivus- Disney-like face sculpt, which totally ruined the figure for me, also bad, because i like animal humanoids

    same here, I think when we speak about classicize 200x figures mattel doesnt do a good job. I mean, if they have to be classics, why mantein a so accurate facesculpt version of the figures? look for example the difference between humans like vykron or duncan and the same for chief carnivus, plus the concept is great but ruined by execution. One day, Carnivus, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king
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    none is a disappointment to me, however, there were at least a couple of times where i wished things were different with:

    Grizzlor: One of my favourite vintage figures, somehow, the fur doesn't seem totally right, there's maybe too much of it? specially on the crotch area
    Cy-Chop: The scissors could have been either 75% smaller or at least i wish there were regular hands to substitute those humungous chops

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    Hmmm here goes

    Goddess: cos Im basically afraid to touch her now.
    Frosta: Grey?!?!!?
    The Giants: lack of articulation
    Cy-Chop: The blades are just tooooo big! (Hyper Anime Detail anyone??)
    The Mighty Spector: 'Nuff said.
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    1) Marzo: joints were so loose it defies logic. Plus the manga style they used on him just isn't my cup-o-tea
    2) He-Ro: that hair is just awful
    3) Horde Prime: the red face feels like unfinished work
    4) Snout Spout: the fact that his trunk split without me touching it is just terrible
    5) The Faceless One: worst figure in the line for me.

    I will go the other way to try to brighten up this thread - here are the 5 that surprised me

    1) Battleground Teela: I wasn't sure about this figure but there is something simply amazing about it
    2) Optikk: way way cooler than I was expecting
    3) Man-E-Faces: one of my favorite characters already - I just love what they did with the swap-out heads
    4) Zodak: I loved the original figure when I was a kid - used to use him like a double agent and stuff. The classics version is, IMO, one of the best in the whole series
    5) Bow: I am not a POP fan, but Bow is simply awesome.

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    My top five:

    1. Dragon Blaster Skeletor I really hate the dragon head, it's too different from the real head and too 200x!
    2. She-Ra You have to buy Bubble Power She-ra to complete her... enuff said.
    4. Sorceress. The wings... what a wreck.
    5. Man-E-Faces. Everythin' is perfect but the bonus head deserves Beast Man face and not the Orko face!
    5. Snake Face. It's half Snake Face half Skeletor, not only the duck feet but also the plain legs without scales like the vintage figure.

    Of course I ain't talkin' about figures that I hate... it isn't disappointment, it's hate!
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    1. Evil Lynn (yellow) - just not my thing, even as a kid wasn't a fan of the yellow
    2. Evil Lynn (battleground) - wish it was more 200x
    3. Buzz-Off - hate that it didn't have a 200X head that actually looks like an insect
    4. Frosta - the grey is terrible
    5. Clawful - the goofy head is the biggest disappointment in the line
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    She-ra 1: my favorite character, terrible waist line and zero poseability
    King Hiss: boring boring boring
    Marlena : statue-like. Boring
    Star sisters: terrible execution
    Leech: mixed bag. Should have had its own bigger buck
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    1) Vykron - very disappointed that it wasn't a three-pack of figures... don't like the snap-on armor
    2) Castle Grayskullman - not bad, just not my thing... and I really think Mattel dropped the ball not picking a female Snake character (no, I didn't enter the contest)
    3) Demo-Man - meh...
    4) Webstor - I don't know if it's the backpack or what, but this figure has been boring for me
    5) Hurricane Hordak - I actually like the look of the figure... but I hate that the attachments don't spin even manually... they are just too tightly held in place.
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    I feel like I can only list the figures that I actually have and I can judge. However there have been a host of figures I'd like to put on this list.

    1. Castle Grayskullman
    2. The Mighty Spector
    3. Horde Prime
    4. Sorceress
    5. Whiplash
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    I would say:

    1. Tallstar: her attachments just don't fit right and I can't keep her head on.
    2. Jewelstar: just looks too weird
    3. Dragon Blaster Skeletor: the dragon just looks too cartoony
    4. Vykron: same as bcrduke, wish it would have been 3 figs, the snap on armor doesn't always easily snap on...especially the He-Man type harness.
    5. King Hiss: just looks a bit off when his snakes are showing.

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    1. Roboto- his head is lame IMO and he needs 200X elements because he feels cheap, oh and his cheap cracked torso ruins him.

    2. King Grayskull- his head is too big and it sits too low. His ankles on mine are so loose he has to be stood duck footed to just stay up.

    3. Filmation Randor- he feels plain.

    4. Clawful- he needs a better head.

    5. Leech- his gimmicks being gone but sculpted kind of messed him up IMO. The staction is how he should've looked.

    I truly think they should've just leery the 4H do their thing with these toys but not as anime as 200X. They're creativity is stifled by Mattel and their rules. To me 200x gave the characters personality and really made me love the property so much more.

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    I am most disappointed with figures where i had high expactations.
    So for me those are the ones im still disappointed with:

    1.yellow Evil Lyn = Just a Teela repaint, no cardback dress, missing spellcasting hand

    2. Fisto = the head is a complete new interpretation,i prefer the heads being an update of the vintage heads(like Man-at-Arms), also the ugly swordholder is really unecessary.

    3. Dragon Blaster Skeletor= the Dragon is a complete disaster and the black plastic caps it all.

    4.The Sorcerees= what a terrible dissapointment those wings and shoulders are and the spell casting hand is missing as well!

    5.Leech= That head needs a closable mouth

    I bet i will be disappointed with Mosquitor because of the missing liquid.
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    The ones that stick out. My disppointment were admittedly due to my lofty expectations or certain characters. Trap Jaw and Man-At-Arms spoiled me:

    1) Evil-Lyn: All female issues with height aside, she is an A-Lister that re-used Teela's outfit that was originally modded to resemble Teela's original design. Evil-Lyn could not even be bothered to have the only outfit the toy or minicomic has ever given her. And apparently, neither could her 200x variant. Cheap. I love the yellow skin but the muted shade like fans suggested would have been nice too. I was upset they gave her crazy eyes (no outlined irises), flat bright lips, and they redesigned that beautiful long wand at the top, I assume for the removable crystal. I would like to see a redesigned wand in a future weapons pack.

    2) Teela: Her dress is tough. Her outfit was gray to me for the moment I got her. I started asking Scott questions about it after She-Ra and Adam, and we were all told it was white, just darker or vendor-related. It makes me wonder who is steering the ship sometimes. That same answer was spat out as recently as NYCC, until Bill set the facts straight. Some people should not speak for others. Back to topic, her armor should have been two pieces (body armor and cobra helmet head). Her staff should have been maroon to match her other weapons/armor, and her sword is larger than He-Man's power sword. Sadly she was the first female, and they had to learn the ropes with her. Waiting for a V2.

    3) Frosta: Lessee...gray, unpainted back, clear dark hair, a wand that is too large and mechanical yet cannot perform it's spinning function, and budget cut for a shield she never had nor needed. I actually like her face. Rare failure on both the Horsemen's part (the wand and hair plastic), and design (gray, unpainted back). A failure at every aspect of the toy. This done to an A-lister PoP character that was delayed several months. To sum up: why?

    4) Sorceress: Going back on their word to make an action feature that that doesn't hinder articulation or sculpt and does both. Rare situation where vintage toy is better executed in design that the Classics version. Should have aped Shadow Weaver's sleeves, No essential upper thigh swivel. They need to follow the WWE Divas with that articulation scheme. I also would have liked to see her toy alt head. Feathers need an all-orange interior. New challenge for her to sit on a throne in Castle Grayskull.

    5) She-Ra: Bland design. All of her gold is dull. The outfit is PMS cool-gray. Her face isn't painted and I suspect the sculpt was warped by the vendor. There is a flatness to it on her side profile. Her outfit is rigid after folks complained about Teela. The toy head/headdress redesign does nothing, just uninspired. The peeling stickers for the toy headdress is a very cheap 80's gimmick. Zero toy elements in the gauntlets and boots. Useless and badly-conceived axe/comb. Design of the figure was "very safe" by the Horsemen standards. Unfortunately it's a trend that carries forward presently.

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