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Thread: Top 5 Figures The Have Disappointed you

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    The only figure that disappointed me 100% is Snout spout, but I really don't like the original and since the classics is a straight representation.... May be just a little touch of the 200x version would be better.

    Skeletor's dragon is awful. 90% disappointed

    Then in matter of design I love Sorceress but I have to agree with you all about the shoulders, also I would prefer an opened hand like the vintage. 50% disappointed

    Also I would like Stinkor with hordak's feet, and the same for Snake face. 10% disappointed

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    1 King Hiss: poor figure overall, snakes look awful
    2 BG Evil Lynn: What should have been a new sculpt, became a cheap repaint
    3 Sorceress: poor execution of the wings with those huge drums, very limited articulation
    4 Vykron: the snap-on pieces just don't work, they limit ankle articulation he can hardly stand!
    5 Dragon Blaster Skeletor: black plastic, dragon's mouth looks silly, lock is too big and is poorly positioned

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    1). Unfortunately, it has to be He-Man himself. I just don't like the head - I want a vintage one. Otherwise, I love the figure.

    2). Vikor. Never excited about this conan-esque figure. I also don't understand not giving him an appropriately painted power sword (I know the explanation but giving him the blue sword sends me into epileptic fits due to the clash in colors).

    3). Frosta. I'm not a huge POP fan but I have to say that I truly feel bad for POP fans on this one. This is probably the only Frosta figure they are ever going to get and they have to deal with reversed forearms, semi-translucent hair and a gray instead of white outfit. Now the news that sub holders will not be recieving something original as a apology is nauseating. This is a POP heavy hitter and she was thoroughly screwed up.

    4). Grizzlor. Don't get me wrong, he's okay but he wasn't really what I wanted. I don't like the fur. I would have preferred him to be sculpted. I always wanted something similar to the Filmation version. My 200x staction is a dust magnet, also.

    5). Roboto. Boring figure which could have used some 200x plussing up.

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    Tytus - rubbish leg sculpt and almost no useful articulation.

    Star Sisters - ugly designs and awful colours.

    Optikk - pointless NA figure.

    Icarius - as above.

    Slush Head - as above.

    Five's not enough by the way...

    Cy-Chop - those stupid giant scissor hands (obviously).

    Sir Laser-Lot - for being incredibly boring and being a Superman rip-off.

    Vykron - for being a rubbish design and pretending to be something significant in MOTU history when no one actually knew anything about him.
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    There are quite a few figures who I don't like... basedon the characgters they are. Don't like 'em, didn't get 'em. Disappointment however only comes from actually EXPECTING to like them....

    1: Sorceress. Designs inability to do an actual cloth cape... for a figure like this is inexcusable. In the cartoon it's cloth.. in the comics it's cloth... Trying to force a hard plastic to move like cloth does nothing but disappoint everyone.

    2: Hurricane Hordak: Having a non-functioning 'dial' just for the sake of having one... is a STUPID idea. If you can't hide it in the sculpt (Syklone) or turn it into something legitimate (Axe-comb) keep the little 'nods' out of here....

    3: Bubble power she-ra. The fact she didnt' come with the filmation head. This 'mix and match' philosphy isn't even PRETENDING to be anything but a way to drain us of hard earned money. She-ra 2.0 was there so we could have one ride swiftwind.... The idea that they STILL pushed 1.0 at us after knowing it was flawed??? That sucks.

    4: King Hiss. I actually don't care about the shoulder catastrophy the way so many others do.... but if the snake body is NOT hampered by getting shoved in the human shell... then they should have gone WILD with that form. More snakes... longer arms.... etc. etc... LOTS of potential just dismissed.

    5: Battle Armor XXXXXXXXXXXXX. The entire glory of Battle armor was the spinning battle damage that heals. Not only do they not include the action feature? they make no mention of the armor's 'power' in the bio... just kind of blah. HAD i gotten them... I don't see me ever 'changing' the slides in it... I'd just pick one and call it a day.

    Honorable mention: Goddess. I don't care for the 'goddess' as a character. (for me it's just teela in armor... not green) But a figure that breaks like that should have been remade and not continually sold.

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    - King Hisss, his snake form is just plain hideous.
    - Clawful has Muppet eyebrows, seriously?!
    - Cy-Chop is just a big mess.
    - The Sorceress, the wings' drums are atrocious.
    - Swift-Wind, awful Filmation colors and no caps for the wing sockets.

    I have a few more to complain about (Star-Sister, The Mighty-Spector, Mosquitor, etc) , but I'd rather stick with the topic for now...
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    1.) All NA figures....again this is a MOTU line & no matter how much you think that you can jazz these figures up they'll always be fugly looking.
    2.) Star Sisters...I like some POP but this was an absolute miss.
    3.) All 30th Ann. Figures except Fearless Photog. I can stomach FP,DM & CGM. But the rest are throw up awful.
    4.) Battle Ground anybody...give me a break.
    5.) Snake Man At Arms...wasted slot IMO.

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    I guess some folks did missunderstood the point of the thread?

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    1: Mo-Larr/Skeletor 2 pack - I really didn't think there was any point in producing an figure set for a random Robot Chicken sketch! The price was high (and still is) and was a waste of SKU!

    2: Preternia Disguise He-Man - I know that this was a sub exclusive, but it wasn't really a fun figure. It looks like He-Man joined a monastery!! The cosmic key and blaster were cool accessories though!

    3: Sy-Klone - I was really disappointed with this figure in hand. Looked good in the photos, but in person it was just too bright, and the accessories were not that good.

    4: Star Sisters: Seriously!! In my opinion, this was the biggest waste of a slot for the line. Would have preferred a Horde Trooper 3-pack than the Star Sisters!

    5: Cy-Chop: The worst 30th Anniversary figure by far. Looks like they had a lucky dip in the spare parts bin...and they came up with this!

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    Sorceress... simply for the fact, that she was the figure I was looking most forward to... but wasn't able to purchase due to low amount being made... I mean she is the 3rd most important character in MOTU... He-man is most important, followed by Skeletor... because you need the main hero and villain... but right after that, sorceress is the character who gave He-man his power and guards Grayskull, which is the place the main villain most desires to control!!! TOD Sorceress was available to me yes, but as far as I'm concerned she is a different character completely, as she is all white!!!

    Also Rio Blast, because I expected him to be made before a character like Snout spout... and Ninjor, because he would be one of the cheapest characters for them to produce, but we have seen him yet... 98% reused parts
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPansen View Post
    I guess some folks did missunderstood the point of the thread?
    I think so... that's why I added in my post that we're talkin' about disappointment not hate!
    For example Jim loves Fisto but he was disappointed by the Fisto head on the actual figure or for example I love Dragon Blaster Skeletor but I was disappointed by the rendition of the dragon head!!!
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    I am pretty happy with most figures, BUT if I have to choose 5 that disappointed me then I will say:

    ~Frosta (because she should be WHITE and not gray, also hair should be darker blue)
    ~Demo-Man (don't like the neon color of his skin)
    ~Stinkor (reversed forearms)
    ~Sir Laser Lot (colors just seem off)
    ~Jewelstar (sculpt)
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    Clawful-disappointed in the head sculpt

    Buzz-off - diappointed in the head sculpt

    Sy-clone- to plain

    Battle ground evil lyn...should have had the tunic. Sorry, like the colors, but really the only thing we got was a head that wont often be used and a cape. Keep the head and give us the tunic

    slushhead...I do not like n.a. toys. It really wasnt even he-man cartoon for me. just a whole new cartoon with some name re-use.

    Runner up...fearless photog. He is just ridiculous looking. Sorry for the fans who like him. This one and vykron are the only 2 I counldn't bring myself to buy.
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    King Hsss: Wimpy snake form

    Stinkor: Reversed Forearms

    Clawful: Head

    Whiplash: Tail could have been done differently

    Sy-Klone: Rendition, too plain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimPansen View Post
    I guess some folks did missunderstood the point of the thread?
    Nope, I did not. Although I said I hate certain things about a figure, does not mean I hate the figure as a whole. I still proudly display my Sorceress, Frosta, etc... and I don't regret buying them, but every time I look at them I wish the execution was better.

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    The only figure I've been really disappointed in is Bow. The only reason is, my figures bow holding hand is way too soft and it barely holds the bow. As far as I know, my figure is the only one like that.

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    Star sisters (3)... Frosta... Faceless One... (This guy tends to stand alone and not really belong to any group... not as much play value as the others... The slot could have gone to someone else.) The only one I actually own in this list is Faceless one.

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    1. Queen Marlena-Weird eyes, Awkward body suit, and she can't sit .
    2. Eternos Palace King Randor- Limited articulation, Stupid skirt design,also can't sit.
    3. BattleGround Teela- Loss of articulation, Goofy Waist.
    4. Kobra Khan- Figure really looks amazing but I couldn't get away from work on sale day,and I missed him.
    5. ScareGlow- Same as above I don't have him and I wish I did

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    - Frosta (still hideous)
    - Snake Men (something about them that's very plain and boring. A step down from the Palace guards)
    - Star Sisters (look like Real Dolls up close, which is kinda disturbing)
    - Horde Prime (thought I would really like this guy since his design is pretty cool. seems uninspiring once I got him in my hands)
    - Spikor (such an awesome original design. he's one of the few I feel that didn't translate well to the MOTUC series)

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    5. Count Marzo - Was looking forward to a "magic guy" but his execution was far too stylized and 200X to fit-in with Classics.
    4. Chief Carnivous - See above.
    3. Faceless One - See above plus that stupid cape/armor making him an immobile "action figure."
    2. Cyclone - I realized now how much his action feature contributed to making him interesting to me as a kid. Now he's just boring.
    1. Dragon Blaster Skeletor - Bad sculpt of the dragon head. Black plastic used for Skeletor's body.

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    1) King Hiss- Reversed shoulders and his snake form looks like some type of snake toy mash-up you would buy at the Dollar Tree (it's also very sticky and smells weird) also his crotch piece should have been made out of soft material not rock hard/ instead of being awesome he just came out being very akward and lackluster
    2) Green Goddess- Exploding crotch feature, change to translucent plastic, and not having a unique head really disappointed me
    3) Adora- Can't get over the granny panties, if her tunic was cut like Captain Glenn's she would have been perfect
    4) Faceless One- really cool character but he just didn't translate very well in toy form
    5) Star Sisters- If they had stuck with the original vintage prototype designs they would have been awesome, I just don't understand why they went with the "poster look", to add insult to injury granny panties return and Jewelstar's face got beat with the ugly stick quite a few times from prototype to actual production (what happened she looked beautiful in proto form but turned out looking like planet of the apes, it doesn't even look like the same face sculpt)

    Don't get me wrong I still have love for these figures they just really disappointed me, I had alot higher hopes for these characters.

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    Going by the intent of the thread title and not 99% of the responses (also leaving out defective issues - Roboto, Goddess, Snout Spout):

    1. He-Man - I'll get the big one out of the way first. This is a great figure, first off, but it was also a lesson to me that you really can't go home again. Having been one of those kids that got He-Man and Skeletor as figures way back when, even before the Filmation series started, I was really hoping to feel that magic of having a brand new He-Man in my hands. It just...didn't happen. He's a great figure, no doubt, but in personal terms, he's just another figure and not really one of the stand-outs of the MOTUC line.

    2. Moss Man - Had to get this guy in hand before I remembered something from my childhood: I hate flocking.

    3/4. Snake Men 2-pack - I really thought I'd like these guys more, but once they were here, just didn't live up to things. Again, nice sculpts, but it's something almost psychological for me, I guess. I'm just not a big fan of nameless army builder figures. I lost my enthusiasm for them quickly (I'd include the Eternian guards here as well but they didn't excite me from the beginning).

    5. Wun-Dar - Huge fan of concept characters/prototypes and the like, Love Vikor and, to a lesser degree, Vykron. There just wasn't enough uniqueness for Wun-Dar after all was said and done. I still love the idea behind him and all the little inside bits they grafted on (the name, the bread gag) and I totally understand the point behind executing this one as an exclusive; just didn't feel all that special when all was said and done.
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    I just don't understand a lot of others' dissappointments (Buzz Off, Clawful).

    Here are mine:

    Frosta: Mostly the head to me is a huge disappointment. I think the darker translucent hair was a bad idea and not reflective of the iconic version people remember. Also they never quite got the face right.

    Jitsu: Another one where the face just isn't quite right. I have to agree it's a bit over stylized and could have reflected the vintage face a bit more.

    Spikor: Again, the head just wasn't quite right. It seemed much improved over the first version we saw at last year's NYTF, but still it should have been rounder in my opinion.

    Roboto: Cracking torso and reversed shoulders aside, his torso just seems squat compared to the other figures. Seems like it should have been a bit longer.

    Grizzlor: He was just a bit bland to me. I'm not really sure what more could have been done to spice him up, but he's much less detailed than I would have liked.

    In no way are these my least favorite figures, just the ones I'm most disappointed in their outcomes.

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    My favourite character and also the biggest disappointment for me.

    Trap Jaw.

    Where to start... His mech arm is way to skinny. It doesn't look threatening at all. The weapons are too hard to swap out. The belt restricts movement too much. The weapons do not attach to the belt well at all (all they needed was thicker loops). Swapping out the arms makes them loose over time. Loincloth plastic too hard. No wash on the face. Ankle movement is extremely limited.

    All in all, profound sadness.

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    1. Mosquitor His arms don't do it for me. I thought I would be excited for him but really he was a wash.

    2. Hordak hate his huge cape. Would be a perfect figure otherwise

    3 Chief Carnivourus weird face and his cape hinders his movement

    4 Snake Men 2 pack just kinda boring. Wish they had spent allitle more time looking at the MYP look for insperation.

    5. Tytus his legs really blow. I wish they would give the giant figures 2 weapons. Its just underwhelming to have a giant upside down cup that would make him fall over.

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