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Thread: Top 5 Figures The Have Disappointed you

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    I've only been disappointed in 1 figure


    He just feels cheap when I hold him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The All American View Post
    1. The Mighty Spector - A waste of a slot, I'm sure TG had a better idea than this.
    2. Sir Laser Lot - I thought he looked ok, a little reminiscient of a Filmation character, but when I got him, looked truly worse in person.
    3. Vykron - Horrible SDCC item, there's a reason they never made Vykron back in the day.
    4. Cy-Chop - Like SLL, I thought he had potential, but in person, he's too mished mashed, and the head looks goofy. Belongs in the 50's monster movies.
    5. Mo-Larr - I would have preferred if Mattel made a tooth monster named Mo-Larr instead of the dentist straight from the sketch/show.

    All these five have brought down the excellence of this line. None of them fit MOTU.
    I was going to post but then saw this and thought he pretty much summed up my list exactly.

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    Being a MOSC collector I have a bit of a different view for this topic. Here goes:

    1) Prince Adam - He was robbed of having his own packaging. He just lays there underneath Orko staring up his shirt like a creeper. At this point I'm holding out ZERO hope that we get a redo on this fig as it would be an incredible waste. Very disappointing.

    2) Queen Marlena - I really like the execution of the figure with the 2 for 1 special but a poor choice for a con exclusive IMO. This was a figure I was very much looking forward to having and ended up being forced into the secondary market to obtain it at extortion prices when Mattel made the brilliant decission to only sell Captain Glenn post show. Here's an idea you jackals, why not do it the other way around and make Glenn the con-exclusive? I would have probably tried to buy both versions in that instance as it would have made Glenn a harder find. Furthermore, I was super happy to get a cringer but ftw? Why put him with Marlena? ESPECIALLY when you could have packaged him with Orko to fill out that box. Not only does it make more sense but then Prince Adam gets his own card AND all three could have been in a standard size package so they don't look stupid on my display shelf.

    3) Orko - No need to go into much depth here as I've already covered it in the previous two. Love the fig, love the stand and accesories. Package him with Cringer on a standard card and give Adam his just deserves and this one wouldn't have to make the list either.

    4) Ram Man - Again, absolutely LOVE the figure. It's probably the best Ram Man to date. But here we are with this ridiculous oversized package again. How am I suposed to fit him in my display next to the other heros on this thing? I can't. It looks dumb. And yes, I understand that he's a larger figure (as he should be). Turns out that I've looked at this thing intently for quite a few minutes now that I have him and I fully believe that if they packaged him with his knees bent that they could have gotten him low enough to fit on the standard card. And all that blocking on the lower half of the package would cover up the fact that his knees are bent in there.

    5) Sir Laser Lot - Really Geoff? Did you even try? I understand that you came up with this dude when you were 8 and that the 30th anniversary sub was exactly for that kind of thing, but for crying out loud man, couldn't you have at least gone back and tweaked the color scheme. If all that Blue were a Black or Silver I have no doubts that this figure drops at least three spots on the most hated figs list and it would have improved the overall look about 80%.

    Honorable Mention: Cy-Chop - Wow. I mean.....just wow. This guy looks like something that Sid from Toy Story put together in his bedroom. If only we could send him up on a rocket. I can't image why Mattel opted to lead with Fearless Photog and Draego Man when we had some heavy hitters like Sir Laser Lot and Cy-Chop on the docket. How high would sub sales have been if it were the other way around?
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    1. Moss man: The figure so damn amazing at SDCC, I HATE the patch work like version we have of him now.

    2. Frosta: Love the figure, but wish they went with white paint.

    3. Sorceress: Another figure I love but damn the wing design!!

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    How can anyone list just 5? This line has seen REGULAR disappointments. Sorry, here is a Top 10 instead...

    1. Stinkor - Forearms reversed
    2. Frosta - Grey paint and forearms reversed
    3. Roboto - Cheaply made and reversed shoulders
    4. Snout Spout - Foam trunk disintegration
    5. King Hsss - Reversed shoulders
    6. DB Skeletor - Black plastic fiasco
    7. EP Randor - Could have been 200x instead of this piece of trash. Total waste of plastic.
    8. Vykron - Dress up doll feature is lame. Nice diaper too.
    9. Sorceress - Drums ruin the design
    10. The Goddess - Exploding hips

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    This is kinda hard because I mostly know when I see the figure if its a dissapointment for me so I very seldom have high expectations that get dashed...however there have been a couple..

    1. She-Ra (first version): This figure was absolutely horrible. It wasn't made with the forthought of puting her on Swiftwind first of all. The extra head with a hole in it...and my loose version was a nightmare. The plastic was so bent up it would never wouldn't was just horrible!

    2. Cy-Chop: All I can say is I was hoping that I'd like him when he arrived. This was one of the few times I had seen a figure pictured and liked it better than when I got it. It feels out of place and non-MOTU to me.

    3. Sorceress: Don't get me wrong...I love the figure and its great to have her. I just think the wing drums were a bad idea.
    4. Horde Prime: Another secret that got revealed when we got the figure. I was underwhelmed with the secret face of Horde Prime. Honorable attempt though.
    5. Queen Marlena: All I can say is I was disappointed with the face sculpt.
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    -- Faceless One

    -- Frosta

    -- Dragon Blaster Skeletor

    -- Tytus

    -- Clawful

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrrepressibleDH View Post
    My favourite character and also the biggest disappointment for me.

    Trap Jaw.

    Where to start... His mech arm is way to skinny. It doesn't look threatening at all. The weapons are too hard to swap out. The belt restricts movement too much. The weapons do not attach to the belt well at all (all they needed was thicker loops). Swapping out the arms makes them loose over time. Loincloth plastic too hard. No wash on the face. Ankle movement is extremely limited.

    All in all, profound sadness.
    Dude, are you kidding me??? TJ is probably one of the best figures to date. I get your dissappointment, but there are so many bigger let downs. For me:

    Sorceress: Passed!!! Can you beleive passing on a key figure? Well, I did!. Her seat will be empty in my CG. The engineering of the wings is downright terrible, as others have mentioned. They need to redo this figure.

    Leech: Probably my biggest dissappointment, as I love the character. Too small, should have had unique buck ala Ram Man. Redo.

    Faceles One: cool LOOKING figure, as long as all you are doing is looking. Posability is one of the worst.

    Dekker: BORING!!!! One fig who will not occupy valuable real estate on my shelf for long.

    Carnivous: A little less boring, but doesnt fit well with the line. Should join the Thundercats...

    That said, I wish someone would initiate a thread as to why it is so freaking taboo in MOTUC to redo a figure. Its almost never perfect the first time, in any line. Thats why there are 10,000 Batman figures out there. Lets get a V2 of some of these core characters....

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    I'm not disappointed by characters I don't care about, but I have passed on a couple of characters I love because of how badly they were done:

    Clawful - goofy head. Terrible.

    Spikor - or "Bluntor". Not even slightly sharp. Crap.

    Sorceress - worst disappointment. The wing-drums were so ugly & ill-conceived. The smile on her face was awful. Her crotch-piece was way off. She should have had a one-piece out-fit like Teela, not that ugly cut. Her boots were wrong. Etc. etc etc!
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    The thought of passing on essential figs lights up my OCD and makes me start to twitch.

    You people have more self control then I do.
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    1. Clawful (he just looks weak to me. its the shell on his back, the claw with action feature that cant stay in a open pose & that silly muppet head with no extra head.)

    2. Jewlstar (she is just so bland, all one color almost, granny panties & well she could have been a lot better especially wither the cool unique crystal parts.)

    3. Snout Spout ( everything other than the head is cool, but that head is completely goofy. he should have had some head sculpt up dates. worst of all is the defective bendy plastic.)

    4. Dragon Blast Skeletor (the acala body is cool, but am very disappointed with the dragons teeth filled mouth, that & you can't have him off the chain.)

    5. Frosta (just because I don't feel the face represents her from the toon that well & the gray/white paint job. I was expecting a brilliant pure white.)

    +6. Temple of Darkness Sorceress ( I'm going to mention this first those drums! I love the Sorceress figure except for those drums. A minor nit pick is not having one open hand. Ok, on to TODS. I feel she is a total wast of a figure this could have been: Veena, 200x Sorceress, NA Sorceress or even Koduk Ungol.)
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    1. King Hsss. Not only do the reversed shoulders disappoint me, he's got those points on his legs that when you try to move them upward, they hit the shorts and hinder any articulation in that area, as well as ruin the plastic.

    2. Roboto. Yeah, once again reversed shoulders, and his head seems a bit tiny. Oh and let's not forget the crack in the torso.

    3. Buzz-Off. One of my favorite characters growing up. When this line came out, I was so looking forward to a "modern" Buzz-Off head with antennas up and having the features of the 200x one, but Mattel refused to release it.

    4. Stinkor. My favorite figure and character and they had to mess up the forearms. The smell was pointless too, because it was not as strong as the old figure, and has almost disappeared.

    5. (Insert all variants here). I hate variant figures. My only exception was the Battle Armor because those were my He-Man and Skeletor, growing up. Hurricane Hordak, Dragon Blast Skeletor, Thunder Punch He-Man, Filmation Randor, Snake Man-At-Arms were all a waste of money for me.
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    Casting aside characters and variants that I outright don't like, these are probably my top 5 disappointments of characters I was looking forward to.

    1: He-Man has disappointed me because of his head sculpt, it's just off and doesn't really feel like He-Man.

    2: Prince Adam in part to his second creepy smiling head and the lack of a sword holder on his back.

    3: Tytus for not being big enough and the limited articulation.

    4: Megator for the same reason as above.

    5: Faceless One for having a face and being a brick of plastic if he has his cape on.
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    Sorceress, Vy-Kron, Dragon Blaster Skeletor,

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    My Least Five Favorites, or The Top Five Most Disappointing Figures of MOTUC:

    5. FROSTA. Terrific character and a highly sought after member of the Great Rebellion. How could they have gone so wrong with this figure? From the gray-instead-of-white paint apps to the ugly, anorexic face and bizarre "ice" hair, Scott and the 4H managed to totally botch a beloved character. I'm not one to nit-pick a figure to death. I can usually see the good and over look the bad, but with Frosta she just seems a HUGE failure.

    4. GY-GOR. With limited slots for oversized items in the MOTUC line, why and how did we end up with Gy-Gor? He's just a screaming neon-colored ape with black armor and a creepy crotch. Five years into the line and we still don't have Stridor, Sagitar, Arrow, Silver Storm, Modulok, Night Stalker, Mantisaur, or even one of the other POP horses? Considering the price point, there were a dozen other items fans have wanted. The evidence shows that Gy-Gor was not a heavy seller, either. Some fans love him, but NOT ME!

    3. SIR LASER LOT. I like the idea of this character, and some of the parts re-use made good sense, but the end result was so unimaginative and dis-interesting to me that he makes it as #3 on my list. A second head without his helmet would have done wonders for my ability to "connect" with this character. Also, his Super Man paint job just isn't inspiring. Yes, red and blue look good together, but if you are a Sir Lancelot-type knight he should have had some metallic silver or copper armor with age and distress marks. There was lots of ideas that would have helped this character. Also, I felt that his theme of the "Knight-In-Shining-Armor" is reminiscent of a swashbuckler and would have better fit among The Great Rebellion. But at least his placement makes room the The Red Knight, and some of his parts may aid in getting that figure realized, one day.

    2. FEARLESS PHOTOG. It's a living, breathing, yellow and black spandex wearing camera head man. It was easier to believe the character to be a cyborg like Roboto or Multi-Bot, and his odd video recording "power" would have made sense as a strictly battlefield tech device that can help fight. BUT, according to his bio, he's a guy who MELDED WITH HIS CREATION. You can stop right there.

    1. CASTLE GRAYSKULLMAN. I didn't enter the contest, but I had high hopes for the winner. There must have been hundreds of terrific ideas out there. And while Castle Grayskullman has some nice ideas to him, those ideas were pulled directly from the most iconic non-living item in the entire mythos. If the contest had been to create a new, living character based on something in the MOTU mythos, what would have been the most common entry? Castle Grayskullman. This figure is so unimaginative and totally pointless that he received my Most Disappointing Figure Winner title. Congratulations. If they ever do this contest with Superfriends, I will "create" a Hall of Justiceman figure. Actually, let me go do that now; it should only take a few seconds....
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    1-Sorceress: What could have been my fav figure has been ruined by those drums and the wings are too 2d!
    2-Stratos/King Hiss: Too boring, no upgrades
    3-Clawful/Spikor/BuzzOff/Grizzlor: Second Head needed, too vintage or bad execution. Grizzlor fur should have been sculpted.
    4-Vykron: Not all the concept shall see the light, looks like more a bootleg than a motuc +black Plastic.
    5-Faceless one: Execution of the shoulder armor cape very poor

    6-Fearless Photog/Sir Laser Lot/ CyCHop/Spector: NO MOTU VIBE! Star Sisters: Too expensive for 3 characters I don't care that much.

    7- All the variations are poorly executed Dragon Blaster Skeletor and Hurricane Hordak on top of the list.
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    1. Star Sisters - Probably won't even open them since they were forced on my last January for $60. These are the reason I want a MOTU ONLY SUB.
    2. Vykron - The tea kettle hat just killed it for me
    3. Count Marzo - Do him over again in Filmation style then we'll talk
    4. Snout Spout - Love him BUT the fact that the trunk broke without me moving it is a FAIL
    5. Cy-Chop - Worst. figure. ever.

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    Just Jitsu for me because of no chromed hand. Also not that of a letdown, but his face look a little cartoony for my taste.

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    I try not to be nitpicky about the line, as I love all eras and characters. However, some of the figures have plain old let me down:

    1: Horde Prime. I love this figure, I really do. Until I take his helmet off. Why in the seven hells did they paint him red and not bone white like Hordak? Thanks, Rueben!

    2: Goddess. Exploding crotch, refusal to put the figure back into production after issue has been remedied. Oy.

    3: Frosta. Could have been a highlight of the line, and instead we got reversed forearms and gray paint. Fail. Love the character, dislike the figure.

    4: Sorceress. There had to have been a better way to make the wings for the figure. I would have preferred a cloth cape tied to her wrists over the drums of doom.

    5: 30th Anniversary line. Yeah, this is kinda cheating, but what the hell happened here? Instead of characters that celebrate the line we get...entirely new characters? I'm all for Photog getting a figure, and while the figures themselves weren't bad, this was just a poorly thought out decision. A mini-comic figure, Filmation figure, Vintage figure, POP figure, NA figure, and a 200x figure would have encompassed all areas of the MOTU world and truly celebrated 30 years of He-Man. Instead we got 6 figures who, besides Photog, nobody knew about until last year. Granted, I'm not saying they weren't cool figures, but the whole concept was mis-handled.

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    To clarify before posting. These are figures that dissapointed me (by no means my least favorite figures). I just had higher hopes so I became dissapointed when they arrived. I still love all the figures though.

    1. Star Sisters (I have a hard time withe most of the female figures that have been released for the line. The faces, the pelvis parts, bland)

    2. Adora (Yet another female figure that just didn't live up to what a I imagined. I don't mean I'm expecting some "hot" looking toy - trust me I'm not attracted to toys. Just please make the female characters actually look like females)

    3. King Grayskull - (Once I compared him to the other MOTUC figures I was dissapointed because he should have a been a larger scale figure to match his appearance in the 200x show)

    4. Frosta - (The crazy looking face and gray coloring made me sad)

    5. He-Man - (I'm not sure this figure could have ever lived up to my imagination - the red coloring around the eyes was weird too. I actually like the figure though. It was the first He-Man figure that could be accurately posed)
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    1.King Hsss, reveresed shoulders and a snake form with too few snakes that only looks good after customisation make this my number 1 worst

    2.BG evil lyn, touted as the 200x variant but without the longer skirt it was not the one we wanted. it should have used the female buck 2.0 and had a longer jagged skirt, even if it was just frosta's length it would have been better than the granny pants she is in

    3.Clawful, too close to the vintage luchador head that was unbelievably goofy

    4. Syklone, he just lacked details and it makes him seem almost like a knock off MOTUC

    5. THe sorceress, those drum wing arms were poor execution

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    I like all these figures, but there is something a little disappointing about all of them. These are actually some of my favorite figures (Cy-Chop excepted), so maybe that's why I'm nitpicking:

    Sorceress: Of course the wing drums are bad and a graceless solution. But even more than that I would have preferred if they hadn't messed with her colors. I like the Filmation-inspired darker blue of her sleeves, but I'd have preferred the wings to be completely orange inside, or if not that, then to have a much smaller amount of blue - maybe at just the tips. I don't think the 4H should be messing with color schemes to this extent. It's appropriate to make some of the colors a bit darker on many figures, but actually changing color schemes is going too far.

    Beast Man: His colors are a bit too dulled down. Unless he's in bright light he looks more brown than orange. He should read as orange all the time. He also needed rocker joints in his feet to help him take a wider stance. Also, I don't like the inner thighs of the Beast Man style legs, near the crotch. They look strange:

    Moss Man: They could have gotten away with flocking the entire shoulders (minus the smooth bit that all these figures have), as there is enough space between body and shoulder joints to accommodate flocking. Also the Beast Man calves are quite bulky already with their sculpted fur. Adding flocking on top of that gives him calves like Popeye. They should have used slimmer calves on Mossy. I might have liked a vintage style head if they'd resculpted the Beast Man head just a bit, removing the fangs and making it so his chin doesn't jut out so much (he was designed to look good with Beast Man's armor, without it he looks strange. The 200x head is great though.

    Trap Jaw: My only complaint is really the gore in his mouth, which makes me never pose him with his mouth open. He's super-MOTU all over, except when you open his mouth, and suddenly he becomes a McFarlane toy. Very incongruous.

    Cy-Chop: He's the only figure that was actually worse in hand than in photos. I like him much better with Trap Jaw weapons. The scissors have no place in a MOTU figure. The rest of him is actually okay, sort of Strong Armish.
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    Here's mine:

    5. Catra- She had that weird soft hand and the rips on her skirt (unintentional). In so many ways she was poised to be one of the best figures in the line, but those little problems really dinged her.

    4. Hurricane Hordak- I was super pumped about this figure until I learned it was going to use vac metal. Getting the figure, my worst fears were realized as the gold vac metal began chipping off.

    3. Leech- one of my favorite Horde members, but far too skinny with floppy joints and the amazing ripping net.

    2. Roboto- Another figure with so much potential and so many problems.

    1. Cy-Chop- cool design, nice concept, but really clashing color scheme.
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    I don't have that many figures yet, so I only have two. They were both some of my most anticipated figures.

    DB Skeletor-- unlike almost everyone else, I loved the dragon's head sculpt and the big green lock. I loved the 80's toy aesthetic of it. I was really looking forward to this guy, but he's one of those figures that, though he has a lot of cool gimmicks, they all add up to something that's pretty cumbersome to play with. The lock is on backwards and doesn't lay right, the dragon's head is perpetually looking up, the chain is always in the way. And then there's the paint-- I'm afraid to do anything with it because it scratches so easily.
    The best thing about this figure is putting on the traditional Skeletor armor and the Alcala head--- best looking Skeletor ever, IMP.

    Swiftwind-- another one that just turned out to be cumbersome. You'd think a character with four legs would be pretty stable, but mine falls over at the slightest nudge. The legs have a bunch of joints, but none of them do anything. When you move them, they feel like they're gonna break. My biggest disappointment is that his wings don't have a joint so they can fold in, like DCUC Hawkman. I think that would have gone a long way in making this figure more display friendly.

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