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Thread: Top 5 Figures The Have Disappointed you

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    1. Frosta, ugly Princess of dirty snow - A tremendous mess of a figure. From its coloring to the paints apps, going through her hideous face (the forearms are easy to fix). Before being released I was in for collecting the whole line, after that I just dropped the Great Rebellion - and a ton of other figures - since I would never be able to get it complete. The biggest blow for me to enjoy this line.

    2. Sy-klone - My favorite heroic warrior. They changed the feet from the prototype resulting in some ugly boots. This figure clearly shows why the design team should never change the 4HM sculpts.

    3. The Stinker, formerly known as Stinkor - Though I can fix it and it will look great, the way this figure was mishandled was beyond absurd. In Toyguru's words it would sound something like: "This is your Mattel's design team. Pretty cool huh?"

    4. The Sorceress, drummer of Eternia - They should have took a little longer to create this toy right. But again, what would you expect from the same guys who thought swapping Stinkor's forearms would be ok. To this day I don't know if I should keep it or just sell it. Being a key character in the line is the only reason I still have not cashed in on her.

    5. Horde Prime - Loved the prototype but grew bored of the figure pretty quickly (the lack of paint apps surely helps). Don't even want him anymore...
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