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Thread: Top 5 Figures The Have Disappointed you

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    1. Frosta, ugly Princess of dirty snow - A tremendous mess of a figure. From its coloring to the paints apps, going through her hideous face (the forearms are easy to fix). Before being released I was in for collecting the whole line, after that I just dropped the Great Rebellion - and a ton of other figures - since I would never be able to get it complete. The biggest blow for me to enjoy this line.

    2. Sy-klone - My favorite heroic warrior. They changed the feet from the prototype resulting in some ugly boots. This figure clearly shows why the design team should never change the 4HM sculpts.

    3. The Stinker, formerly known as Stinkor - Though I can fix it and it will look great, the way this figure was mishandled was beyond absurd. In Toyguru's words it would sound something like: "This is your Mattel's design team. Pretty cool huh?"

    4. The Sorceress, drummer of Eternia - They should have took a little longer to create this toy right. But again, what would you expect from the same guys who thought swapping Stinkor's forearms would be ok. To this day I don't know if I should keep it or just sell it. Being a key character in the line is the only reason I still have not cashed in on her.

    5. Horde Prime - Loved the prototype but grew bored of the figure pretty quickly (the lack of paint apps surely helps). Don't even want him anymore...
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    I don't think any truly have been awful figures, but some have been misses.

    1. Roboto is just too many missed opportunities

    2. Sy-Klone needed 200X influence. He was bland.

    3. EP King Randor was just not interesting to me.

    4. Stratos got the shaft.

    5. Netossa feels cheap.

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    Pretty much all figures without 200X influences:

    1. Buzz-Off (balloon face)
    2. Snake Face (ugly standard head)
    3. Clawful (goofy)
    4. Roboto (duck head)
    5. Grizzlor (looks like a Critter)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnster View Post
    Pretty much all figures without 200X influences:

    1. Buzz-Off (balloon face)
    2. Snake Face (ugly standard head)
    3. Clawful (goofy)
    4. Roboto (duck head)
    5. Grizzlor (looks like a Critter)
    Lol, I agree with this list... Sy-Klone is too bland as well as stated before.
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    Man, I don't think I can come up with 5! I'll just start writing and see where it goes:

    - Dragon Blaster Skeletor: This was my first REAL disappointment, since he was so easy to make and I was super looking forward to him. I mean: Skeletor body with new armor and a dragon. How hard was that to do? I'm glad they threw in the new arms, but then they baffingly painted them, making for a higher chance of paint errors (my first one was also my first major error, with a huge slash across his shoulder and blue paint splashed on the armor). Then, for some reason, they gave him a wonky neck peg, so his head sits higher and can't look down as much as everyone else. Finally, the simple idea of taking-an-old-idea-and-making-it-better failed them this time around, when it had worked so well with most of the other figures. THE CHAIN. The old one came off: why can't this one? Doesn't make any sense. This guy was so simple! How did he come out so crazy compared to everyone else?

    In the end I was able to do my own chain and have it be removable, and the sculpt of the armor and the dragon are great (yeah, I would have liked an articulated dragon, but the size of it alone was probably enough cost without adding articulation)...but the body still bothers the crap out of me. I could use another Skeletor body, but I like the arm change they did for this one, and the new boots! UGH. I have to say again: So simple! How'd they mess this one up?

    - Keldor: This one was a disappointment more at the time before we got the double swords. He's a great figure on his own, but his accessories are lacking. I could understand if the half-swords were a cost saving measure, but they kept throwing out this idea that since the original 200X Skeletor swords were supposed to be the classic Power Sword combined...then that technically translates to being a normal power sword. Boringly so. I would have thought the obvious way to go was taking the design in the 200X toon (which didn't have the details that the toy did) and using that! Boom! Unique weapons for Keldor that no longer have the Power Sword ties. But...they went with boring half-weapons. I love what they did to rectify that, however, so Keldor is a little better after the fact. But alone, as he was sold: real boring move on the accessory front.

    - Sorceress: Ouch. Bad move for a toyline that isn't supposed to have action features. For Roboto it makes sense - the moving gears (I feel) are important enough to remove the ab crunch. Sorceress? I don't think the opening wings were so important that they had to work in those big 'ol drums on the back. On top of that, there are many wing designs out there that take up less space AND don't have to be attached to the shoulders, limiting her arms to only a few poses. It is bascially a GREAT figure save for those funky wings.

    - Slush Head: This very minor. I love this figure! The only part that confused me was the immobile dome head. For some reason they stated that the only way they could get it water tight was to add two superfluous tabs that extend from the dome (not even touching the seal) and locking it in place to the armor. I didn't really get that. If they had put a protruding lip around the edge of the dome and stuck it into a groove on the inside of the collar you could have gotten the same dome minus some tabs. AND it would have turned. Given the way the dome was molded, there wouldn't have been any friction on the actual seal keeping the optional water in. Now I don't have any sculpting knowledge, so there could very well be something I'm missing...but based on previous toys through the years, it seems like this would have been a simple plan.

    BUT...once again, it's a very minor thing. Figure is AWESOME.

    Aaaand...I think I'm out.
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    1. Mossman: Don't like the patches, wish they would've went with the SDCC version in terms of having him fully flocked and brighter green tone.
    when I first saw Mossman on display at SDCC i was blown away!!

    2. Faceless one: The head.

    3. Frosta: my biggest issue is the grey tone in the white areas, im ok with her face sculpt.

    4. Sorceress: the wings
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    Snout Spout - The defective trunk and Mattel's refusal to make it right is shameful. I also would have preferred a head with more 200X elements.

    Sorceress - It's a shame such a gorgeous figure was badly botched by Mattel's design team.

    Hordak - I loathe the smooth ab piece and the armor that doesn't extend all the way down to the waist line like the vintage figure.

    Fisto - I loathe the smooth ab piece and the frigging huge slot for the 200X style sword.

    Dragon Blaster Skeletor - The poorly painted black plastic ruined this figure for me.

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    1. King Hiss. I think he's my least favorite figure that I own (I'm a cherry picker)
    2. Frosta - While I like the face sculpt a lot, the paint apps are terrible and the hair color is bad.
    3. Leech. One of my favorite characters. I was really looking forwards to own him. He's a half baked figure i.e. he suffers from the regular parts that he shares with smaller, regular figures, he deserved a 100 per cent new sculpt like Mantenna.
    4. She-ra 1 - terrible figure. She looked too heavy set in that dress, couldn't move her legs. And she's my favorite character! Thank god we gotr that update!
    5. Queen Marlena. Piece of green plastic. Terrible figure. Can't sit, can't twist at the waist. Could be a mcFarlane statue!
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    Leech-just a poor figure over all imo

    Octavia- not enough room for the tenticles, head keeps popin off

    Snout spout- hate the dopy look on his face

    Clawful- muppet face

    cy-klone- ZzzZZzZzZz
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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    From least to epic disappointment:

    Buzz-Off is a character who could have benefit from a 200X head. Otherwise, I have no problem with him.

    Poor Sy-Klone was a straight vintage rehash except for his 200X ring. No 200X head, no shoulder rings, not even a new melee weapon to spice him up ala Fisto (more like him please). Ever since Mattel banned 200X heads in 2010, I had a feeling that he would be one of the victims.

    The Polly Pocket team can get her right, but the MOTUC team can't? Hair is dark blue instead of light blue, the face could match Filmation a little better, unpainted back, grey colors instead of white...I'm not a hardcore POP fan and I can see that, so I can imagine the POP fans who have endured Frosta taking 4 years to show up. One of the most popular characters in the mythos and Mattel fumbled the ball.

    Battleground Evil-Lyn
    Even when the original Evil-Lyn hit, there were fans who have wanted the 200X Evil-Lyn wearing her 200X tunic because it WASN'T a recolor of Teela's oft-used swimsuit; Evil-Lyn had her own unique costume. Mattel didn't have the 2.0 waist twist body yet, so they "wasted" a valuable slot. Now fans aren't feeling getting a THIRD Evil-Lyn, even if she is the correct version.
    The point you made about Frosta and the polly pocket team nailing her and MOTUC team messing her up was probably the the most profound I've ever read on this board. Kudos.
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    1. Any figure cast with black plastic!
    2. Ram Man - Two heads and BOTH have their eyes closed. what was Mattel thinking!
    3. Goddess - Four years later and still Mattel has not bothered to reproduce this figure, despite the fact it falls apart!
    4. Queen Marlena & Cringer - Poorly executed. Green suit instead of white. The transformation feature resulted in an awkward design. Her head sculpt and paint apps were most disappointing. Cringer needs to be bigger and a bit older looking.
    5. Cy-Chop - a complete waste of peoples' time and money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo View Post
    Sy-Klone is too bland as well as stated before.
    Sy-Klone would have been a much better figure if they had applied some muscle shading. This is a technique Mattel doesn't use enough. When I look back at some of the beautiful muscle shading on early figures like Merman and Zodac, I can't help but be disappointed that they moved away from this technique.
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    I only re-couped 1/3 of my money on Karatti when he sold on eBay for $9.75. That's pretty disappointing. I couldn't even re-coup 2/3 of my money on the FFM before I gave up on selling them and used them for really expensive custom fodder. That was also disappointing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nuno View Post

    2. Sy-klone - My favorite heroic warrior. They changed the feet from the prototype resulting in some ugly boots. This figure clearly shows why the design team should never change the 4HM sculpts.
    I really hate those feet, they look so clumsy. The prototype had the Bow/Icarius/Laser Lot feet which were better. In fact along with the Trap-Jaw legs, Mattel needs to stop using the clumsy feet as well and start using the nicer ones from the ones I mentioned.
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    I love all the figures... but if i had to pick 5 that disapointed me somewhat it would be these:

    1. Laser-Lot - I can see the idea sounding great on paper and I have seen some art work where he looks amazing, but he is too blue. They could have given him darker blue armour or at least a different crotch piece.

    2. BG Evil-Lyn - I wish we had got a new outfit and honestly, i think the helmetless head isn't that atractive

    3. Sy-klone - I wish he had more 200X design. The MYP version was so different and interestingand i loved the backstory they gave him, but the MOTUC version is just incredibly "safe" and dull.

    4. Roboto - For exactly the same reasons as Sy-klone.

    5. Stinkor - I was really looking forward to this figure and the reversed forearms and the fuss it caused left a bitter smelly taste in my mouth sadly.
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    Dekker- This guy has no interesting features
    Jewelstar - Looks like a Nintendo 64 bit reject
    Orko - I prefer the 200X look
    EP Randor - Of all the great Filmation versions, I get this??????
    The goddess- ehhh
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    I have been happy with all my figures , but if there was one that kinda didn't excite me as much it would probably be Stratos Which is weird because I love the character, but I think after seeing the cooler 2000x version--well, you know

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    1. Frosta
    2. Frosta
    3. Frosta
    4. Frosta
    5. Frosta

    I actually love the hair, face is fine, and I could care less about her forearms. It's the GRAY! Every time I look at her it guts me. She could have been so perfect. There was absolutely no excuse for that "design choice."

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    Snout Spout
    King Hssss

    But most of all....

    Trap jaw. His mech arm is way too skinny, the belt attachments suck and the weapons fall off just by looking at them, his ankles have almost no articulation. Was really, really let down by him.

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    Here's mine:

    1. Dekker- nice figure, but would have others first before him

    2. Star Sisters- again, nice figs, but other POP figures should have been done before them

    3. CyChop- Scissor hands too big, should have come with exchangable small hands

    4. Horde Prime- nice fig, but don't really need him in the line at this point

    5. Roboto- nice figure, but the broken plastic just kills me!
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    1. He Man - His head just looks terrible and IMO does not fit with the look of the classic line. I don't want a new He Man...just release a head would sell like crazy and give us so many options.

    2. Vikron - Just a waste of time...will never buy that set...just could have been spent on head pack

    3. Sy-Clone - Needed to go with the 200x style...period.

    4. Roboto - Same as above

    5. Any character that has breaking problems

    6. Prince Adam - How can this great character being laying down in the package (with Orko mind you) where nobody can see him??? Orko is tiny...waste of packaging...they both should have been standing up...LAME

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    Sy-Klone- bland design.

    Roboto- same

    Stinkor- they killed this figure by stripping the paint apps- so disappointed.

    Star Sisters

    Dekker- I kept him only because I could not sell him

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    The only "disappointment" I can think of with any figure (and it doesn't even qualify as a major disappointment) is I'd have liked a bit more articulation in Whiplash's tail. Otherwise this is the dream line I've been wanting since I was a kid and I have no complaints.

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    Hmm let me see if I can do 5:

    1: The Sorceress. The wing drums are just terrible design.

    2: Clawful. He either needed a 2nd "modern" head or more, err..."modern" elements.

    3: Leech. He needed bigger arms and legs. The MOTUC version pales next to the 200X staction.

    4: Frosta. I don't mind the face, and I could live with the hair color, but the grey is terrible.

    5: Tallstar. I like her outfit, but would have preferred the toy colors.
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    1) Hordak. No real reason that I can easily identify. Even though he was perfect, I just didnt care. I was the least impressed with him. After so much time the only thing I can think of to explain why is probably because to me Hordak will always be Filmation Hordak. The original toy (which I had) I am glad to have updated, but for me, this isnt really Hordak. So figure was fine, but just dissapointed me with my lack of care for it.

    2) Stratos. He's fine, perfect. But I like the TRU 2 Pack version better as far as colour goes, but the figure, though pefectly rendered just always bored me, and still does. I was hoping I would care more. I didnt. Still have both of them, and the Staff of Avion is going to make him fit better with in my display. But ultimately, meh.

    3) Netossa. Never liked her. She is rendered in plastic pefectly. Just didnt make me like her any more, and was hoping the 4H could do something to make me change my mind. Didnt.

    4) Preternia Disguise He-Man. It's very cool he exists, and I dont wish he hadnt been. But he is still the figure I just have absolutely no use for. I still dont own one, and constantly try to talk myself into tracking one down just as a completist. So dissapointed I want to buy one for that reason and because I love that Cosmic Key, not because I actually want the figure. Also my view on TOD Sorceress. But I got her. I love how they did the Sorceress, but I didnt need 2. But I got her.

    5) TRU 2 Pack Mer Man. Dissapointed I have absolutely no use for him, but want one as a completist. But the sad thing is I love my Merman, and I love the non vintage head, but I REALLY Want to use that vintage head. That is the merman toy I had after all. Was kinda hoping I could use that TRU 2 pac Merman as the vintage headed one, or as the head it came with and use the vintage with the original green one. But I just cant. So TRU 2 pac looks pretty cool, but just is such a waste of a variant. I would add battle Armour Faker, but I wasnt dissapointed because i never felt I wanted to buy him. I'm very ok not owning that. But the TRU 2 Pack Mer Man I really want, but am dissapointed I just cant find a way to explain why I'd display him, where he'd fit.

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