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Thread: Top 5 Figures The Have Disappointed you

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    1. Snout Spout - his trunk split because he was just standing there....?
    2. Horde Prime - that red face just feels unfinished
    3. Marzo - poor quality control and 200X look leaves me cold
    4. Faceless One - Not a fan of the 200X look
    5. Star Sisters - because I was forced to buy them at $60 a pop

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    5. Palace Guards - Too bulky, did not appreciate the fact that the silver from their weapons has chipped/scratched all over their hands & forearms. The only QC issue I've had with the whole line and it left a sour taste in my mouth.

    4. Dekker - The only one who is a character choice selection for me. He's just boring and there are more 200x characters I would have rather seen. Dactys, Calix, Prauvhus...

    3. Tytus - Poor weapon choice, under-articulated for no particular reason. I don't mind his size/scale issue that others have mentioned. Ball-jointed shoulders and an actual weapon then he'd be awesome!

    2. Spector - Not to be a broken record or anything but the figure is a good FIGURE, I just don't see him as a good MOTU figure. It has nothing to do with his backstory, etc.

    1. Sorceress - Mattel just dropped the ball on her execution. Those drums on the back of her arms are among the ugliest things on any action figure I own, and I own some really poorly designed figures. That the rest of her is so flawless just makes it that much worse. That feeling of "so close!" is amplified with her a thousand times to me.
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    1. Clawful - one of my fave vintage figs, looks more in place on sesame street.

    2. Frosta - my fave POP, epic fail!

    3. Stinkor - long weird legs look ridiculous

    4. Jitsu - loved the vintage, hate the classics, another epic fail!

    5. Grizzlor - loved the vintage, hate the classics version, epic fail!

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    1. Flipsh.. oh I mean Icarius.. - Hate his face/head sculpt.
    2. Faceless One - Looks unfinished and he's not faceless which is dumb.
    3. Bow - looks aweful.
    4. King He-Man - Those gaudy colors ruin the figure.
    5. The Vykron set - Should have been 3 individual figures, with fully sculpted armor. These ugly clip-on thsing must go!
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    1. Fisto - The headsculpt turns me off. I feel the original had more of a circus strongman face and mustache. The motuc version looks like generic bearded guy. Would have liked the head to look more vintage
    2. Queen Marlena - Where are her pupils?
    3. King He-Man - Kings wear pants.
    4. Frosta - That face take a lot of squinting for me to appreciate
    5. Battleground Teela - The face looks off. Would have been better painted.

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    1. Horde Prime - He can't... do anything. Limited articulation, a head that falls off, and he can't even take very many poses besides "Standing there."
    2. Mer-Man (sort of). This was the first MOTUC figure I saw, and I was disappointed at the parts re-use and how he had lost his unique 200X scaly, fishy outfit and body. And nowadays I think he's the best in the line and awesome...
    3. Whiplash - I loved his 200X design,a nd how he's back to looking like a bunch of random parts put together.
    4. Webstor - for the reasons stated with Mer-Man. Basically, he lost everything unique about him.
    5. Rattlor - Because I loved his 200X design so much. So very, very much.

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    The only MOTUC figures I'm truly dissapointed in are the ones that I don't have that I want but they are way too expensive on the secondary market.

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    My only major disappointment is Mosquitor because of his gummy hands. I got three subs and out of the two I opened, his hands ripped right off. It sucks because he was pretty much my all time favorite as a kid, and I was really looking forward to the figure. Had to customize his hand with magnets just so i could display him. Star sisters were a big disappointment as well, definitely would not have bought the set if it wasn't for the sub.

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    1) He man - looks to plain compared to everyone else- and the face scultp just bothers me.
    Waiting for snake armor he man with new head and hair sculpt

    2) Faceless one - ? Looks boring

    3)dekker - why Mattel

    4) carnivous - dumb ! Looks too cartoony or Disney

    5) dragon blaster skeletor - blastic !

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    1) Mighty Spector
    2) Star Sisters
    3) Icarius
    4) Battleground Teela.
    5) Vykron
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    Hard to answer, there are characters I'm disappointed with because they don't look like they fit with the rest of the line (Marzo, Carnivus, Faceless One, Horde Prime - all too 200X), some I'm disappointed with because I don't care about the character (Spector, Cy-Chop), those I am disappointed with because they were executed poorly (Roboto, Frosta) and those I'm disappointed with because I don't like the design choices (Buzz-Off, Leech).

    Leech is my biggest disappointment purely because he is my favourite vintage character and I was sad that he lost his bulk and his head looks so goofy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayton72 View Post
    [*]Star Sisters - because I was forced to buy them at $60 a pop
    You weren't forced to buy them. you chose to. i cancelled my credit card and said to hell with Mattel, digital river and the whole steaming crap show. gotta agree though, Sorc's wings were awful. how are these people 'professional' toy designers? fans have done it better on here.

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    Although I am happy with every figure we get, my five disappointments would be:

    1) Stinkor - due to the lack of paint apps on his accessories
    2) Dekker - simply due to the lack of interest in him
    3) Stratos - due to his inability to properly hold a weapon
    4) Sir Laser Lot - due to the color choices
    5) Captain Glenn - due to her not being white

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    For me, disappointment doesn't mean hate or anything of the sort. Rather, I wish more attention was paid to a particular figure or even held back until they had themselves a cracker of a figure. Trap-Jaw, anyone?

    Being my favourite character/figure, i'm gutted that Roboto is on my list. His reversed shoulders and slight cracking in the plastic (chest area) saddens me, not to mention that I wish he had something from the 200X era.

    Apart from Roboto, TBH, i've repaired (King Hiss, Stinkor, Frosta) or had the paint app fixed and/or added accessories (Queen Marlena, BG Teela, Netossa, Stratos) to those that have required it.
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    My disappointments:

    5) Jitsu - This is mainly because of the head sculpt, which I did not like at all. I ended up getting a custom head that is MUCH closer to the vintage look and now he is the Jitsu he should be. I also found it very odd that they gave him two kama weapons when he can only hold one at a time.

    4) Vykron - not because of the choice in SDCC exclusive, but because of the execution. I think making the Roger Sweet Trio was a great idea. I just think they should have been three separate figures, rather than one figure with snap on pieces. Anytime that have to do this the pieces end up being HUGE and goofy looking.

    3) Frosta - I love the character, but they really messed this one up. Her face sculpt wasn't that great. I never felt she looked like Frosta. But then, they made her hair translucent instead of her cape, reversed her forearms, and made her gray instead of bright white. Such a wasted opportunity for such an amazing character.

    2) Castle Grayskullman - Personally, I don't think this should have won the Create-A-Character contest. When the rules are to make an original character, how can something based on the existing and ICONIC playset of the brand win? The swords were directly based on the flag, the shield on the jawbridge emblem, and the face on the front of the castle. Nothing about the character was original, in terms of design. It's based on the design work of another artist and creator. Basically, they took an icon from our childhood and used it to win a contest. I don't think that is right, and I don't think it was right for Mattel to let this get as far as it did. And the name is horrible. The runners up were much more original. Out of those, I would have much rather seen Bubblor win.

    1) The Mighty Spector - Biggest disappontment, by far. When I was at PowerCon in 2011, I was greatly looking forward to the next 30th figure. After Fearless Photog and Draego-Man, my mind was extremely enthusiastic at the possibilities of more awesome characters. I remember saying "What the h*ll is that?" when I saw TMS in the glass case. I watched the youtube video of the actual Matty presentation at PowerCon and the silence that followed TMS's reveal. Crickets, man....Not only is the overall design terrible, but the entire concept behind the character is horrible and overly powerful. The master of Time Travel??? Zodac would have knocked this punk out of next week for tampering with such a thing. It's just not a character that fits in, at all. Despite the character's obvious flaws as a figure and concept, he is also the most prolific. This adds to the disappointment. Having appearances in the new mini-comics, constantly appearing during interviews and photo-ops, making his way on the card backs of various figures...there doesn't seem to be any escape from the thing.
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    1. Roboto-Head, torso, legs, shoulders...everything is off
    2. Stinkor-Reversed forearms, lack of paint apps on weapons
    3. Beastman-Preferred brighter paint apps from the mock-up
    4. Clawful-Needed an updated head
    5. Roboto, Roboto, Roboto

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