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Thread: The trailer/Indiegogo page for my animated short film is online! (Has MOTU Cameos!)

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    The trailer/Indiegogo page for my animated short film is online! (Has MOTU Cameos!)

    Hey everyone,

    I invite you to come check out the trailer for the animated fantasy parody I've been working on for a few years. It's up now on my Indiegogo fundraising page!

    There's lots of MOTU inspiration of course, but it parodies all sorts of fantasy films and games.

    When I was at Power-Con this year, I got Filmation writers Rowby Goren and Larry DiTillio to record little snippets as some cameo voices!

    Check it out!!

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    Damn that was funny, especially at the end where that old guy said "I AM NOT... YOUR FATHER. BUT IF I WERE, THAT WOULD BE A TERRIBLE SHOCK"
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    great stuff! i like the style too.
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    Looks quite hard to make but the result is excellent! Kind of like the Storm comics in motion.
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