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Thread: Motuc Stuff up for grabs! Procrustus! Want: weapons & parts (Trade or buy)

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    Motuc Stuff up for grabs! Procrustus! Want: weapons & parts (Trade or buy)

    Wanted: MOTUC Parts & Items to Trade/Buy..Have Parts to Trade/Sell!

    DECEMBER PROCRUSTUS FOR SALE at cost plus shipping or will trade!


    I'm Looking for a few accessories and parts needed, if you can help me out in acquiring these items, it's highly appreciated. If you see something you like, I'd be happy to help you out in your collection as well. I do trade and sell items I have here listed. PM me was everything is negotiable. Thanks

    Wanted and Needed:

    Hurricane Hordak (Loose) - armor can be flaky, head and weapon attachments not needed
    -----or I just really need his cowl, arm cannon..shins with feet and loincloth <-- or from regular Hordak

    Dekker - semi complete (don't need any of his heads or weapon)
    King Randor (Vintage style, loose complete)
    Weapons Pack Faker Axe and Shield
    Adora sword or TRU She-ra sword
    He-Man power sword (full)
    Roboto Axe weapon
    Horde arm band *priority
    King Hsss entire lower torso (bottom half)
    Sy-Klone hands * priority
    Palace Guards x 2 loose and complete

    200x Panthor yellow missile launcher piece - "5 sided" missile projectile only


    SDCC Vykron box (empty) - FREE - just pay shipping (any way you want it - ship in white mailer, or bigger box)

    Various MOTUC Cardbacks and inserts - FREE - just pay shipping (have various ones)

    Loose items:

    Count Marzo sword
    Moss Man vintage style head
    Legs - TRU Mer-Man, Skeletor, Prince Adam, Mo-Larr
    Icarius buck - only torso, shoulders and waist with hip connectors, no loincloth
    Hordak buck - only torso, shoulders with biceps, waist with hip connectors, no loincloth

    Weapons Pack Great Unrest items - for sale or trade

    WP Chief Carnivus sword & shield $6 shipped
    WP Draego Man shield with flames and fire whip $6 shipped


    Imperial 1984 Vintage Rhino beast with magenta saddle in great condition (can send pictures) $15 shipped

    Hogun (Thor movie line) Marvel Universe MOC $12 shipped

    Transformers - Energon, Armada, Cybertron (I have lots of them)
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