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Thread: MOTUC fs lots of the more rare ones....

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    MOTUC fs lots of the more rare ones....

    Hey guys,
    Need to get rid of some of the collection for $ for Christmas. Takin it to eBay, but I figured I'd give the org a crack first to see if I could help some fans fill some holes. Shipping is $10 a fig (obviously work something out if your getting more than 1 fig), and I only ship in the continental U.S. (sorry)

    SDCC king grayskull- statue version
    Flocked ears mossman (pending)
    Sdcc queen marlena x2
    Sdcc orko and prince Adam
    Molarr vs skeletor
    Palace guards
    She-ra (pending)
    Faker 1st release
    He-man 1st release (pending)
    Skeletor 1st release
    He-man reissue (pending)
    Skeletor reissue
    Keldor x2
    King randor
    Webstor x2
    Scareglow (pending)
    Capt. Glenn (not mint) top of bubble was slightly crushed in white mailer. Still sealed. Not bad condition.....
    Hordak- basically turned all grey. Top corners of card slightly bent.

    Post or pm me. Will entertain any reasonable offers. Thanks for looking. Please include offer in pm
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