My Black Friday/Cyber Monday items arrived yesterday. Got King Randor and the Great Unrest Weapons Pack.

While I was not one who initially clamoured for Keldor to get the dual swords, I have to admit it does add something to him.

I will say this; when I initially removed the swords from the package I could have sworned that what I got was the solid dual sword from the convention. I have to tip my hat to Mattel's engineering on this for how tightly they connect.

I don't know why, but despite this figures short comings I really love it. Never did get the first Randor. I may do so down the road, but until then I am glad to finally have the complete royal family of Eternos.

Never got the original Teela, waited too long to get TOD Sorceress, but I had the Great Wars Weapons Pack and with the Great Unrest Weapons pack I decided to give Randor his own falcon. I have named him Montecore.

Since this King Randor didn't have any weapons other than his guilded harpoon, I decided to give him the repainted Carnivus weapons. They don't match, but I may wind up repainting them to do so. Also gave Queen Marlena the repainted Teela shield since it really doesn't match up with anyone. The closest would probably be Evil Lyn, but as witch, she doesn't really need a shield since she could probably cast a spell of protection anyways. Will probably repaint it down the road as well.