I would like to sell or trade my inventory POP figures...

I have pretty much everything except Adora, Shera, and Bow on card - however I will trade them loose. Almost everything else is on card and up for trade (Star Sisters, Frosta, Swift wind, etc..) - I am however keeping Shadow Weaver & Catra for a complete Horde Collection. Also I do not have a Bubble Power She-Ra

I want to get Grayskull Man, Cy-Chop, Photog - would also be interested in getting Moss Man, TIN custom heads, Fisto Large Sword, Snake Mountain Stands, Zombie custom figures, or even Battle Damage custom figures.

Anybody want to trade or buy email me jer88788@yahoo.com - posted replies to this message may take me a while to see as I dont check this daily so if you want this done ASAP please email me outside of the ORG. ***NOTE*** If I am being asked to sell I will ask retail price as I see no point in taking a loss except for shipping cost from the original order. Buyer will pay all new shipping costs.

FYI - My market place feedback is in my profile as it was done before we have the actual ORG feedback tab to fill out as an option.