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Thread: SPIKE, CARLY & DANIEL from TRANSFORMERS "3D PRINTED" Models by Tecrom Designs

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    SPIKE, CARLY & DANIEL from TRANSFORMERS "3D PRINTED" Models by Tecrom Designs

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm proud to present The Witwickys. Below are my digital renders and their 3D prints. Spike stands approximately 6.8 inches, Carly 6.4 inches and Daniel is 5.44 inches tall. The models come fully colored; no painting or finishing required. The Witwickys are in scale with the Snake Eyes figure also pictured below. In addition to these colored statues, the Witwickys can be printed as scaled down mini-figures; also shown. I hope you like them!!

    As always, if you enjoy my work, please visit, "LIKE," and "SHARE" my art page at There, you can view digital turnarounds of my work, receive project updates, vote for my next model and of course, catch up on the latest pop culture news. And you can also follow me on Twitter at: Felix Manokoune@tecrom_designs I'm always happy to chat with fellow Masters of the Universe fans!! Hope to see you there.

    And if you'd like to own some of my Officially Licensed Hasbro products, please swing by my shop at:


    Felix M./Tecrom Designs

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    Great! The Witwickys as mini-figures! And I just can't believe my eyes!
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    Wow! Those turned out pretty damn nice! (and I'm not even that big of a TF fan).

    I have a question about one of the pictures above.

    In your first pic, which is actually 3 pics in 1, did you make that floor and background in the lower left pic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tecrom Designs View Post
    Hi Everyone,
    nice to see some other people getting into the arena, although you seem to have gotten the upswing a little better than I ever will at this point.

    word to the wise. don't over promote your stuff and say how great it is. it tends to annoy some folks here ;o).

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