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Thread: Hot toys iron man mkv super deal!

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    Hot toys iron man mkv super deal!

    Hey guys,
    Really in need of cash, so I have to sell some of my collection. I have a complete with box Hot Toys Iron Man MKv (suit case suit). This was used for display only for about a month, the box and outer sleeve are in great shape. The figure itself is mint! Includes all original parts etc.
    This guy is awesome and kills me to sell, but my wife and I have both lost our jobs.
    I will let this guy go for 165.00 shipped in the USA, and 160.00+priority shipping to international. Please help me out guys!


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    Bump and pic added!
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    Ready to send you paypal
    You have any other Hot Toys?
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    enjoy him Hawk. very well done on this one. you pick up the monger?
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