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Thread: Tons of Weapons, Accessories, Armor, and Eternia Stuff For Sale

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    Tons of Weapons, Accessories, Armor, and Eternia Stuff For Sale

    Selling a few extras to make some room. Everything is in great shape unless noted below. Prices do not include shipping but I only charge exact shipping costs.

    Virus He-Man (shows slight virus wear which makes it a little more cool) SOLD

    Two Bad Shield SOLD
    Skeletor Staff SOLD
    Beast Man Whip handle SOLD
    White Hordak Cross Bow SOLD
    Webstor Gun (in original sealed bagggie) SOLD
    Dragon Blaster Skelly Armor w/ Dragon (no chains/cuff/lock) $4
    Tung Lashor purple snake staff SOLD
    Beast Man Red Chest Armor x4 $2ea
    Man E Faces Gun SOLD
    Tri Klops Sword (missing hand guard) SOLD
    Stratos Jet Pack (2-maroon, 1-blue) $2ea
    Zodak Armor (red,) x2 $1ea
    Talon Fighter Feet (pair) $5
    Teela Chest Armor $2 (Top of head strap split and clasp is loose)
    He-Man Shield (has cheap orange custom inserts)-SOLD
    Man-at-Arms Arm Armor $3
    Jitsu Armor SOLD
    King Randor Armor (Back only) $3
    Tri-Klops Armor x2 $2
    Trap Jaw Belt SOLD
    Trap Jaw Laser Gun $3
    Clawful Mace $3
    Bow Quiver $3
    Bow's Gold Bow SOLD
    She-Ra Shield SOLD
    Catra Belt $3
    Rio Blast Chest w/ Gun $3
    Rio Blast Thigh Pad/Gun SOLD
    Whiplash Staff SOLD
    Webstor Front Chest Armor x2 $1ea
    Buzz off Wing (1) $2
    Swift Wind Mask $3
    Blasterhawk disc (1) SOLD
    Faker Sword (missing hand guard) -SOLD
    Scareglow Custom felt cape SOLD
    Stratos red Arm wing (1) $2
    Battle Ram Missile $3
    Clawful Back Armor $1
    Jitsu Front Chest Armor $1
    Spikor Club (broken hand guard) $2
    Misc Weapons Pack Weapons $.50ea
    Stonedar Gun SOLD
    Stinkor Armor SOLD
    Stridor Tail $4
    Night Stalker Tail $4
    Maroon Shield $3
    Maroon Rifle $3
    Snake Mountain Net Peg (2) $3ea
    Orko Coin SOLD
    Panthor Armor SOLD
    Jet Slet w/ armor SOLD
    Stlit Stalker "Cosmic Key" Looking gun x2 $3ea
    Stilt Stalker Armor $3
    Stilt Stalker Leg (1) $2
    Grayskull Mace SOLD
    Garuskull Shield SOLD
    Grayskull Trap Door x3 (two with stickers in place) $3ea
    Grayskyll Ladder SOLD
    Grayskull Trap Door Release SOLD
    Grayskull Laser Gun Landing (no "tracks"-Original flat landing-1st release!) SOLD
    Grayskull Laser Gun Landing w/ tracks (Nothing broken) SOLD
    Grayskull Larger Landing x2 $2ea
    Grayskull Combat Trainer (both parts) SOLD
    Grayskull Combat Trainer Top part only $2
    Grayskull Elevator Gargoyle SOLD
    Castle Grayskull Flagg pole (no flag) $2
    Snake Mountain Gate SOLD
    Snake Mountain Bridge floor (male end) $3
    Snake Mountain closing tab $3
    Wind Raider Tail Wing SOLD
    Zoar Armor $1
    Spydor Battery Covers x2 $2ea
    Spydor Pinchors $3

    Mini Comics (show slight wear)
    He-Man and the Insect People SOLD
    Secret Liquid of Life SOLD
    He-Man and the Temple of Darkness SOLD
    Eye of the Storm (Bi-Lingual edition) SOLD
    New Adventures of He-Man (Spanish Version) $10

    Figure/Vehicle/Play-set Checklist Poster (Nice condition) SOLD

    Eternia Stuff
    2nd Floor -SOLD
    Purple Sky Cage (complete and works great) SOLD
    6 Original Tracks (All repaired, but good as new except 1) SOLD
    Gold Elevator Landing SOLD
    Central Tower Blue Monorail arms SOLD
    Command console chair (top and bottom) SOLD
    Command Console Gold Locking Circle SOLD
    Command Console SOLD
    Rocket Launcher Gun SOLD
    Silver Blade-gun w/ scope SOLD
    Monorail Shuttle Pod Double barrel gun SOLD
    Gargoyle SOLD
    Gold Cross bow SOLD
    Grappling Hook SOLD
    Jet Pack Fighter (vehicle that attaches to monorail) SOLD
    Purple Sky Cage Front grate/door SOLD
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