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Thread: Adora or She-ra? Who do you think looks better

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    Adora or She-ra? Who do you think looks better

    just what the topic said who do you think looks better?




    Just to add my two cents I vote Adora all the way I've always had a thing for her. And as you can see in the pic she is hot hot HOT
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    Adora is a fox (c) TheShadow

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    She-Ra will always be numero uno in my book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheShadow
    Adora is a fox (c) TheShadow
    Maybe. But until I get to see her in a miniskirt and long high-heel boots, I'll have to go with She-Ra.
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    Someone should post two pictures that we can view while taking the pole. I can come up with my vote in my mind, but having two seductive shots back to back could sway the vote.
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    I can't believe this is actually a tough choice for me...While I have always loved She-Ra's fabulous outfit, I have to say, I always WANTED an Adora in the proper attire(and yes now I HAVE one)...I'm gonna have to go with Adora, especially after seeing the Seahawk episodes recently, she really is a special gal, and as smart and intuitive as She-Ra is Strong... Plus I love her name...I think I may name my next pet after her...

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    Lol! Heftysmurf76, i've already done that, I named the newest member of my family Adora, when i got her around 2 months ago. Adora the mouse. She's black, with white tufts of fur behind her ears, she's Adora-ble!

    As for the topic in question, I used to love she-ra more as a child, so i'll go with she-ra. I admired her strength, skill, and loved the transformation scene.

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    hair sways my vote.

    i gotta go with she-ra, only because her helmet covers the ugly cow-lick hairstyle that adora has... the episode where she-ra's mask comes off, you can see the same hairstyle, but at least that was only one episode!

    adora needs a makeover hairstyle, and then i may consider her.
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    Hey i love Adora and her hairstyle . Adora has a softer voice and a more "innocent" like personality . Unlike She Ra who pretty much handles problems head on , Adora uses trickery and acrobatics.

    Her dark past gives her much more character development.

    Brother Adam pretty much lounges around the palace but Adora was a trained warrior who rose to rank of Horde Force Captain.
    I imagine Adora did nothing in the Fright Zone except schooling and combat training as soon as she could walk .

    Adora is very much like the late Micheal Jackson in that her personality is rather childlike because she never had any childhood . It was all work and no play .
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