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  • Thunder Punch He-Man

    5 20.00%
  • Moss-Man

    6 24.00%
  • Roboto

    5 20.00%
  • Sy-Klone

    8 32.00%
  • Dragon Blaster Skeletor

    7 28.00%
  • Spikor

    7 28.00%
  • Stinkor

    7 28.00%
  • Two-Bad

    3 12.00%
  • Hordak

    5 20.00%
  • Grizzlor

    3 12.00%
  • Leech

    6 24.00%
  • Mantenna

    3 12.00%
  • Modulok

    6 24.00%
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Thread: Pick your favorite Heroic Warrior/Evil Warrior/Evil Horde figure from 1985

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    Pick your favorite Heroic Warrior/Evil Warrior/Evil Horde figure from 1985

    Taking a cue from Jon's 1984 poll.

    This was kind of the last year I was really enthusiastic about the new lineup, although I like the snake men from 1986 and one or two figures from 1987. Anyway, pick one Heroic Warrior, one Evil Warrior and one Evil Horde member.

    - - - Updated - - -

    My picks:

    Mossman - loved the flocking and pine scent. Too much fun.
    Stinkor - an action figure that stinks and looks like a rabid skunk? Count me in.
    Leech - best action feature ever

    - - - Updated - - -

    Honorable mention:

    Two-bad. "Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!"
    Sy-Klone - color scheme was too bright, but I loved the radar thing and his spinning action
    Mantenna - couldn't stop playing with the pop-up eyes
    Modulok - MOTU meets Legos meets Transformers

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    Heroic: Roboto - loved watching his gears work and his mouth moved so he could "chat" like Trap-Jaw.
    Evil: Stinkor - I thought he smelled awesome, which baffled everyone else. Little me considered him adorable. Best use of the Merman head (better than merman)-- I even kept the classic head on my MOTUC. The myp head looks a bit too angry for me.
    Horde: Grizzlor - He looked like a mutant dustbunny or the thing that under the stairs. What is not to love?
    Princess of Power: Double Trouble - I liked Man-E anyway, female Man-E like character was just gravy. She often played Man-E in female form for spy missions... but also played herself as a Rebellion spy
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    Roboto/ Stinkor.

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    Teela My first girlfriend
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor Probably my favorite toy ever
    Modulok Scariest figure ever

    Honourable mention

    Sy - Klone Great colours
    Spikor I always wanted one
    Leech Have you seen the size of this Monster ? Stand him next to Merman or Trap Jaw
    Thunder punch HeMan biggest bang for your buck
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    I voted for:
    Heroic Warriors - Moss Man
    Evil Warriors - Dragon Blaster Skeletor
    The Evil Horde - Hordak
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    My favs I voted for are:
    Thunder Punch He-Man,
    Dragon Blaster Skeletor and
    Secret Guardian & Spirit Guide

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    • Roboto - has moving gears, great colors & he's a robot! When I had him long ago, he was Man-At-Arms' assistant in his workshop. When I get em again, Mr. Roboto will fill that role again.
    • Two Bad - Great figure. I only had him briefly, tho. Neighbor's dog ate Tuvar's head and both arms. *Ahem*Too bad for Two Bad (it's okay, I'm done).
    • Modulok - Never got him, but always wanted him.
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    Sy-Klone, Stinkor, Mantenna.
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