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Thread: 80's Inspired toyline for upcoming short film

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    80's Inspired toyline for upcoming short film

    Hi Gang!

    I'm currently in pre-production on a short film and want to get the word out.
    I think any MOTU, Star Wars, any child of the 80's, or fan of the era will really dig what is to come.

    The Instagram account is now live:
    and the website will follow very soon.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the website and stay tuned for more fun! Thanks for checking it out!

    Teaser Poster-FINAL.jpg

    Here's the official synopsis of the film:

    A strange meteor from outer space
    brings to life the childhood action hero of a young girls late father.
    Star Raider sets out on a journey of self-discovery to deal with the knowledge that everything he knows is make believe.
    When a familiar threat emerges, Star Raider will have to find the hero within again to save our world!

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    Pretty neat. Best wishes!

    Travel down the Rabbit Hole into my take on the Eternian Mythos:

    Direct link to the Google Slides -

    Link to my Thread in the Fan Fiction Forums -

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    Thanks! We are all pretty stoked over here about it. Hopefully will be something special and enjoyable for kids of the era and their children

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