These are made with stock parts. I am not doing any painting, stickering or physical modification, though I may use Novus #2 plastic polish or rubbing alcohol to remove paints on certain pieces.

hair- Lego
head- Agent Holster from Cityville Haunted Hideaway
torso - Duke
arms- Caucasian right arm, Gray Ninja left arm with wrist paint removed and black hand
legs- Torch with thigh straps removed
chainsaw- stock Kre-O
flail- Star Trek TOS Kirk & Spock "Amok Time" weapon on nunchaku
backpack - 2x2 back piece with random bits

Dr. Biggles-Jones
hair- Lego
head- Lady Jaye
torso and pelvis- Cobra Commander
arms- random white arms with Caucasian hands
legs- Roadblock
coat- custom cut bought on eBay

Night Creeper Leader, DiC cartoon version
hood- D&D Fortress Defense
head- found in the TF Battle For Energon set and the large Battleship boat set, can be had in eBay from surplus China lots
rest- Night Creeper

helmet- Transformers, not decided yet which I'll use
head- Brake-Neck, face removed
arms- D&D gray with black hands
torso- Cobra Trooper from Battle Platform set
legs- Cobra Mech Pilot

Scarlett replaces the ugly short stock hair with a red Lego ponytail. Lady Jaye replaces the hat with a Lego male hair piece and swaps hands with black gloves.

Destro with SDCC Sunstreaker head, as I don't like the chromed head

Ferret modifications- added the large red cannon and exhaust pipes, and removed the hitches. The cannon sticks out further than it should but is necessary to fit Kreons.

CLAW- built with spare parts as accurate as can be while still being small enough for Kreons. A backpack brace is pegged underneath. Sorry Hasbro, but 2 wing wedges on a backpack isn't acceptable.

HISS with better cannons and some minor changes to the ASP cannons.