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Thread: 3D printed 3 3/4 inch action figure

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    3D printed 3 3/4 inch action figure

    In order to see just how well the figure poses, please check out this video:

    Here are some stills but you really need to see the video to realize how sturdy this figure is:

    I finally figured out how to make sturdy action figures using my Form 2 printer. This figure has almost the same properties as a mass produced PVC figure. It has very sturdy joints, can hold accessories and can even have add on clothing parts. Paint chipping may be an issue in the long run but so far I am very happy. This is the closest to emulate a mass produced toy I ever came with a 3D printed prototype.
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    Nice job, hauke.
    I bet that the black version of this figure is the 3D printed prototype.
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