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Thread: My new toyline Mystical Warriors of the Ring, a 2" Wrestling Toyline Now in PVC!!

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    My new toyline Mystical Warriors of the Ring, a 2" Wrestling Toyline Now in PVC!!

    As some of you who follow my store on Facebook ( ) I am working on a new toyline and "brand" for 2013-2014 called Mystical Warriors of the Ring

    It is a throwback to the older more story driven wrestling days of the 80's, except in my world the characters are non-human. Anyone who knows me knows I am a diehard wrestling fan.

    I am utilizing the org to help me (keeping it in the family if you will) with this and so far 2-Bad has been turning my rough concepts into reality, Simon Grell (acclaimed digital sculptor that a few of you from the org know) is sculpting then, and THEGODBEAST will be prototyping and producing them for sale.

    I have some big plans in mind, if people like what they see I am thinking of having them made overseas and possibly expanding to 5.5" fully articulated figures.

    The website launched this month

    Here are some examples of the characters and their stories

    So stop by the website from time to time and we hope to have some neat stuff to show you over the coming months!
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    VERY cool my friend! VERY cool! I love what I am seeing. Look forward to seeing things as they progress!
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    Hope this takes off......
    Is is now up and live please check it out and spread the word please!!!

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    I try not to collect too many mini figures, but these are going to make me break that rule.
    I can't wait to see how things develop.

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    This looks promising! I love MUSCLE wrestlers!!!!!!
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    I don't like wrestling (well not unless you count Ultimate Muscle ) but I do like anthropomorphic animals and one of your characters is a wolf...and I see a bunny...oh please tell me there is a monkey character?... if there is I could honestly say that I love this.

    Oh and by MONKEY I mean just that, MONKEY not APE. I love Ape's (as I love animals) but Monkeys are better
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