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I bailed. You had company. didn't want to be a hanger on-er. That was business coming to your table. Can't say no to the kiddies.

*sigh* truth be told I had the darndest time finding your booth. don't know why. besides the fact I have a poor sense of direction. I finally found it when I was on my way out. and that was by accident. Looked back. didn't have anything else to say drew a blank? guess I distracted by everything. only to think of stuff after I left.
Yeah that was probably because we were missing our banner We got all the way there and realized it was not in with everything else so basically if you did not know me you have to look for a needle in a haystack.

We will be doing Wizard World Des Moines and I-Con again next year as well as going to Jay's at the Valley West Mall probably on a monthly basis so stop on by just to talk. Anyone who knows me knows I can talk pretty much forever about the line and its characters or just wrestling itself lol