View Poll Results: Will You Prefer Teela 2.0 Figure Over A (Single) New Character Figure ?

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  • Yes ! I Am Ready To Sacrifice A New Character For Teela 2.0 !!

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  • No ! I Am Not Ready To Sacrifice Even A Single New Character For Teela 2.0 !!

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Thread: Would You Prefer Teela 2.0 Figure Over A New Character Figure ?

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    Would You Prefer Teela 2.0 Figure Over A New Character Figure ?

    We all know that NONE of the old & new figures are going to get a second run ! It may give us a bitter feeling. But sadly, This Is The Truth ! There are so many old collectors have missed Teela in the past & most of them are “Teela-Less” till this very day. And, I don’t even have to mention about the new collectors !

    So, it’s quite obvious that there is a huge.... HUGE demand for MOTUC Teela figure ! Yes, some Teela’s are available on markets like eBay, but the prices are simply INSANE ! Not everybody could afford that big “Scalpor” prices for Teela to fill their collection !! While it’s easy to grab BG Teela, this variant is dramatically different from the iconic version & not many are familiar with this BG version either !

    But since we ALL need a MOTUC Teela, there is probably one solution.... ONLY ONE SOLUTION AVAILABLE...... It’s Teela 2.0 !!!

    But Wait.... That’s Not An Easy Task Either ! Every time we talk about 2.0 figures OR variant figures, one question is ALWAYS raised in front of us. And that question is “Would you like to see variant of X figure or a new character like Two Bad (Remember Folks, this is just an example. So don’t get mad if you are a Two Bad fan, OK) ?”

    Now I know that 2014 & 2015 are going to be based on “Vintage" & "Core New Characters” of all incarnations. But, should a “Core Character” figure like Teela, especially when she has hit the “Gone For Good” status, especially she has an incredible demand from the fans should be kept under guessing on “unsure” 2016 line ? Personally, that’s a big.... BIG Time Of Waiting !

    So, this might be the right time to answer that question ! Well, atleast for the sake of Teela 2.0 !!

    Will You Prefer A Teela 2.0 Figure Over A New Character Figure ? No Matter How Big That New Character Is.... Even If He OR She Happens To Be Your Favourite Character, Are You Ready For The Sacrifice ??

    The Fate Of Teela 2.0 Is In Your Hands !!!!

    NOTE : Please Do Not Treat This Just As A Fan Poll ! A small, handful of votes are not going to us any good. Only a MASSIVE amount of favourable votes (in big hundreds, maybe even in thousands) will make Scott even to think about this !! So, share this poll to your friends & known ones and ask to be part of it ! I hope we can do this like we always did in the past !!!
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